Picasa 3 edited photos

  Yimbo 18:39 27 Aug 2011

Here I am again, needing help! I've just edited a folder-full of photos using Picasa 3, and happy with the results. How do I get the edited photos back to "My Pictures" - either in a separate folder - or just to replace the original?

  onthelimit1 19:08 27 Aug 2011

The only way I've found to do it, is to right click the individual photo and then 'save as' a different name. Long winded, but it works.

  muddypaws 21:01 27 Aug 2011

At the top of each album immediately to the left of the 'Share' button is the 'Save' button. If you hover the mouse on it you will see 'Save edited photos to disk ' come up. Left click on the icon and then 'Save' in the window that appears. You will find a Picasa Original folder in the respective ' My Pics' folder. You can always undo 'save' for any of the photos in the Picasa 3 album.

  muddypaws 21:38 27 Aug 2011

PS, 'Saving' will convert your original photos in your original 'My Pics' folder. As I said above you can undo 'save' for individual photos in the Picasa 3 left hand margin by clicking 'Undo Save' just above the histogram thingy! This will also revert back the photo to the original in the 'My Pics' folder.

  Yimbo 09:15 28 Aug 2011

Thanks folks for your help! It's much appreciated! I'll have a go later today!

  onthelimit1 14:32 28 Aug 2011

Hmmmm - neither had I! Good tip.

  Bald Eagle 20:18 28 Aug 2011

At the top of each album immediately to the left of the 'Share' button is the 'Save' button

Not on mine there isn't!

  muddypaws 20:24 28 Aug 2011

Bald Eagle It doesn't say 'Save' until you hover the mouse on it. Never have decided what the blue icon represents. A computer? The button has been there for several versions of Picasa

  muddypaws 20:27 28 Aug 2011

PS. If you are running a Picasa web album and upload edited photos, you can do that without 'Saving to Disc' The edit in Picasa alone is uploaded. So I have found anyway.

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