Physical Memoery

  swanny2 00:01 05 Feb 2012

every now n again when im doing something on my pc all of a sudden it stops,this blue screen pops up with a oad of test on it ,then at the bottom of the page it says/ Beginning Dump of Physical Memory.thsi alst for about 30 secs then my Pc reboots and is back too normal. ive no idea what this is for or does but it is annoying if im doing something onmy Pc then this interups it. Any thoughts guys please appreciated.thankyou. :O)

  lotvic 00:40 05 Feb 2012

Ah the infamous 'Blue Screen of Death'

A little more detail of your pc specs would help and what Op Sys do you have?

Can you try to get some detail of the stop error that is on the blue screen.

Meanwhile browse through these google search results ClickHere

  markd71 01:52 05 Feb 2012

Yeah, drink some beers, it's the week-end

  lotvic 11:41 05 Feb 2012

Thank you markd71, Cheers, hope you are coping ok with your hangover this snowy Sunday morning ;-)

  swanny2 15:13 05 Feb 2012

cheers Otvic,at least you have something descent too help me not like some Alkis in here. lol. Im on Xp,and i cant see the screen until it happens again. i will read them details you sent . cheers.

  swanny2 15:42 05 Feb 2012

Just looking at the details you sent me.the text on the blue screen looks very similar messages of what i get,at the bottom of the screen when i get it u can see it dumpong physical memory on a counter,then it stops after a few seconds then reboots.thats about all i can explain really. thanks again. :O)

  swanny2 09:15 18 Feb 2012

ogh well i turned it off in msconfig,seems too have stopped it. ty. :O)

  swanny2 09:17 18 Feb 2012

ogh well i turned it off in msconfig,seems too have stopped it. ty. :O)

  woodchip 20:56 18 Feb 2012

Right Click My Computer then Manage, Look for Event Viewer look for Errors on different pages and click them to get more info. it may help

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