PHP/MySQl - What to Install?

  gplatt2000 14:37 17 Jun 2004

Hi all. I am in the (extremely gradual) process of making a website, using php and mysql. I ned to be able to view results from a databse, and add to/remove from/edit the database. I also need to be able to process forms which users fill out, in order for them to be sent to my email acount.

My site will eventually be hosted on click here , using an Apache server.

I (think?) I need a prpgram which lets me test the site, as though it is being run on the server.

I realise there are quiet a few topics on this, with suggestions for software to download, but I am getting more and more confused by the huge amount of programs there seem to be available.

Could anyone please tell me exactly what I need to install (e.g. i keep seeing things abot 'Microsoft's .NET framework' on some of the software sites) - do I need this? Do i just need one program to run Apache, one to prcess php, and then My SQL?

Any help would be great, cheers

  Forum Editor 22:32 17 Jun 2004

too big in fact to deal with in any comprehensive way via the forum. If you're a total newcomer to MySQL I suggest that for a start you
click here where you'll get a good grounding in the basics. Then
click here for more information - about both MySQL and PHP.

You can download Apache from
click here but to be honest, if you're new to all this it might be better to test your site directly on the server whilst you're developing it.

  Epocs 23:08 17 Jun 2004

To be able to run PHP and MySQL programs I suggest you download Apache as well. I think this is a good idea even if you are new as it will enable you to test your code quickly and easily. When I started learning I found it very helpful having Apache and MySQL running as it enabled me to write out snippets of code to see what they did. You can download a Triad program which has all the necessary programs in it, click here and there are others, as well as different versions. All that happens is that MySQL, PHP and Apache are installed, Apache is then used to run PHP code. You might want to find out what version of MySQL, PHP and Apache the hosting company are running so you can be sure your programs will work.

Sorry if this is all a bit confused, it has taken me about half an hour to write. Hope it helps.

  PurplePenny 00:10 18 Jun 2004

I have the feeling that Triad from SourceForge is no longer being kept up to date.

If you have broadband and WinXP an excellent Apache/MySQL/PHP bundle, DeveloperSide.NET Web-Server Suite, is available here:

click here

On Taran's advice I recently installed this bundle and it is very easy. Much easier than installing and configuring the three packages separately.

A really good, practical introduction to PHP & MySQL (with installation and configuration walkthroughs, including Apache if you decide to stay with the three packages instead of the bundle) is "Build your own database driven websire using PHP & MySQL" by Kevin Yank. Available from Sitepoint:

click here


  PurplePenny 00:26 18 Jun 2004

AAh! I've just twigged your reference to 'Microsoft's .NET framework' - have you already been to look at the DevSide site? Just downlaod the bundle (you *will* need broadband, I don't so Taran very kindly cut it up into "chunks" for me) - everything you need is there (or at least I didn't need anything else to get it all running on an XP(Home) laptop.

The short answer to your question "Do i just need one program to run Apache, one to prcess php, and then My SQL?" is "yes".

FE has told you where to get Apache. PHP you get from

click here

And MySQL from

click here

Another excellent book with an installation walkthrough is "PHP and MySQL Web Development" by Luke Welling and Laura Thomson.

On the other hand, as FE says, you can test your site on the (remote) server, you don't have to do it locally.


  gplatt2000 11:13 18 Jun 2004

Thanks a lot for all your, once again, excellent help everyone, I reallky am grateful and dont know what Id dow ithout you (*sob*) hehe. But yes seriously, thankyou very much, and PurplePenny - that is what I was thinking after Taran gave me a link to that site, the whole .NET think had a me a bit confused. Well looks like I'll start downloading soon, thanks again everyone


  AcidBurn7uk 12:50 29 Jun 2004

I know that the topic has been"Resolved but though that you may want to check this out. click here There is a very good tutirial on setting up apache to work with mysql and php, but as FW said you would probably be better just testing directly on the server, especially if you new. I am currently having tons of problems moving my "test site" to a new server to go live. I'm sure that FE knows what I mean, with the PCA move recently!!

Hope this helps. Jay

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