[DELETED] 23:18 13 Dec 2003

I have asked this qurstion in PHP forums although ppl do not reply, i know how ever that pc advisor usually replys quickly for me...I have spent 10minutes trying to login though because every time a lload their annoying amd thing pops up and with my pc bieng so slow it makes it nearly freeze...Any way...QURESTION:

I need help!! I installed PHP-NUKE at click here and when u go to the 'html' fodler ot try it out it doesn't work! Any reason's why?

The error is:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: message_die() in onenationphp/html/db/db.php on line 88

On line 88 of db.php it ses:

if(!$db->db_connect_id) {
message_die(CRITICAL_ERROR, "Could not connect to the database");

  [DELETED] 00:45 14 Dec 2003

Somthing to do with file permissions that.

Sure it is. I had that a few weeks when CHMOD ing the files.

Have a read of what all the perms should be, it will be in the manual.

  [DELETED] 00:46 14 Dec 2003


You need to use Cute FTP, or simalar to CHMOD.

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