PHP - MySQL question!

  Goonerz4eva 20:44 12 Feb 2003

Anybody here know about PHP? I'm a beginner and need help!

What's wrong with this code I'm trying to execute:

$link="click here$number.ram";

$query = "INSERT INTO reviews VALUES (','$genre','$number','$artist','$title','$label','$review','$date','$link')";

Basically the variable $link should contain the URL listed above with the variable $number embedded inside. eg click here

The variable $number is supplied into the php code via a form.

The problem is, whenever I get the code out the link appears as click here

What's going on?!!!


  Goonerz4eva 20:51 12 Feb 2003

Damn "click here" thingys. You know what I mean though!

  graham 20:55 12 Feb 2003

I'm beat, been caught out once this week, I'm going in.

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