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  Taran 14:46 27 Oct 2003

Further to my comments on a testing server running on your own computer for dynamic sites, I've had some emails from people requesting specific information on configuration and similar issues of Apache and IIS.

While I am happy to help I get a lot of email traffic and sometimes it may take me days to reply to 'domestic' email, so on this theme the following could be useful to one or three of you hardy souls out there.

PHPDev is a combined 'suite' for want of a better term that installs a fully configured Apache web server with PHP support and MySQL installed along with the excellent PHPMyAdmin database interface. PHPMyAdmin is a web page (gross oversimplification there) that connects to your MySQL database and allows you to create MySQL databases as well as edit, update, delete, export to CSV and all kinds of other things.

PHPDev is a 10mb download with two optional but not necessary 10 and 5mb upgrades.

The default installer takes seconds and all of a sudden you have a working web-server on your own computer to test PHP web pages.

If you want to test ASP pages under Apache I suggest you take a look click here

It is possible but not if you code all ASP pages using ASP VBScript or even JScript.

If ASP support is a desirable feature, the 10mb upgrade I mentioned above installs the necessary mod_perl module into the PHPDev Apache server.

You can even download and install Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions into Apache web server and test your FrontPage sites locally on your own hard drive without having to constantly upload your site changes to see how they look.

It's not nearly as complicated as it might sound if you exercise the grey matter and actually READ some of the included documentation.

There is a similar bundled suite available from the excellent SourceForge website called PHP Triad. I've not used it myself, but reports are very positive on it to date.

So if you're thinking about a local web server on your own PC for testing or development purposes, consider PHPDev. It takes ALL the pain out of installing and configuring Apache, PHP, MySQL and PHPMyAdmin.

click here

click here

Regards all


  Taran 21:22 27 Oct 2003

I'll tick as resolved, since this is not a request for help.


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