PHP irc

  k1n 15:03 07 Nov 2004


I need to display some sort of irc stats on my php based page. Something like the number or users etc, or a list of the people currently idling in my channel. The irc network is quakenet if that makes any differnce.


  Taran 19:47 07 Nov 2004

You can use a web stats script or combination of them to produce usable output, but rather than reinvent the wheel take a look at phpOpenTracker

click here

And also look closely at phpSniff

click here

One gives you visitor stats of a sort, while the other returns browser details.

The trouble is that to deliver useful data you have to implement either sessions or cookies or both in combination, to help recognise repeat visitors and other trip-ups that can 'adjust' site stats out of reality.

As I said, it's a big question and without knowing a bit more about how your site and page(s) are set up, it's impossible to suggest an X, Y, Z solution.

Try and give a bit more detail if you can and I'll see if I can be a bit more specific.


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