PHP - IE7 - Very simple question!

  OK Computer 18:34 29 Mar 2006


This is a very simple/stupid question but I recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 and wanted to start some php development.

I created a simple php test page:

?php phpinfo(); ?>

When I go to open it it, I.E 7 asks me if I want to open it or save it. If I choose open it, it opens it as a seperate document and not a page through my localhost.

I'm running Apache and that seems to be running fine, I've added the necessary additions to httpd.conf but its made little difference. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


  OK Computer 18:58 29 Mar 2006

I doing the same on i.e, so I'm obviously doing something fundamentally wrong when setting up php and apache! Any ideas?

  OK Computer 18:58 29 Mar 2006

Sorry I meant its doing the same with I.E 6 23:11 29 Mar 2006

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