.php files - what are they, how do they work?

  csqwared 20:40 23 Dec 2014

The reason I ask is my daughter and family have just returned from a visit to Santa in Lapland and the holiday company has provided a download link for the videos taken whilst there. I've downloaded both files which have the extension .php and the only programme I can find that will play them is VLC.

As i understand it. PHP is a programming language, I don't understand it's use for video.

Any ideas??

  csqwared 21:54 23 Dec 2014


Thanks for that, but doesn't seem to work for me (WinXP SP3). Changing the file extension gives me the audio but the video is 'scrambled'.

VLC will play them properly in their native form, I was just puzzled as to their use for video. Why not the normally recognise media file types?

Tks again

  LastChip 02:14 24 Dec 2014

php has nothing to do with video files. It is a (programmable) server back end engine that provides functionality on web sites (amongst other things).

If the files are password protected, it's probably why php is being used. Like javascript, it can be used to validate user ID. It could also simply be the site is on a content management system, in which case the site would all probably be written in php. The site content is delivered from a database, rather than being written directly onto a page. PCA is such a site.

Try just clicking on the link and see what happens. I don't know if you did (from your post), but I suspect you tried to download the php (page) file instead of clicking on it to get to the video file. Just a guess.

Or, it could be they're not downloadable and can only be played through the holiday companies web site.

  csqwared 10:56 24 Dec 2014

The company concerned provided a link (by e-mail) from which the files could be downloaded. Did that and found the only way to play them was using VLC. Anyroad, managed to view them. now a bit wiser as to .php files but a bit disappointed as we intended to burn to CD for grandparents in Oz but, since they are not too computer savvy, will leave that. Thanks everyone.

Have a good do!!

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