PHP Applications with MySQL

  fieldyweb 09:35 23 May 2005

this is a "Is this possible to do?" question, i have no experience of SQL and especially MySQL, I have been compiling on my laptop (localhost) several applications which i could use at the school i work at, they all use PHP and MySQL (My pc has the windows XP version of Xampp loaded)

now i have several very useful applications such as SugarCRM and Moodle which all have similar fields, such as user details, billing details, etc, however at the moment to use these apps as a "suite" then i would have to inpup the data into 5 different applications, and that doesn't seem right as all the apps go back to the same copy of MySQL, so is there a way to link the databases?

So if i enter the details for a new students into SugarSuiteCRM, then when i open the other, that students automatically has linked relevent information?

If it is possible, is it difficult, i understand how databases work, just not the language involved in MySQL.. maybe some kind friend of humanity has designed a nice app to help me do this?

And pointers in the right direction would be great!!

  Xzrox 14:16 24 May 2005

Okay then, I might be wrong here, but I presume the case here is that you require access to the same data through more than one application.

Two solution concepts immediately come to mind, but I shall help you further if you clarify the situation more or if you tell me I have misunderstood the case, in which case I shall re-attempt! :-)

Either you

a) allocate the appropriate data, on input, into the different tables that the different applications use to run - this will involve formatting the data, handling it accordingly and inserting it to fields within tables


b) make the individual applications look somewhere other than their standard (as installed) tables for the data - this will involve configuring each of the applications to look at your new tables and effectivly re-works the db access of each of the applications since for some of the data used in the individual applications, will be elsewhere (in the tables you're stipulating the applications should look for the data)

The first choice is probably more practical since it needs less re-work of your code, espcially as you handle the data on input, however, bare in mind that this is the most inefficient and may lead to data-inconsistency, because effectively, you are replicating the appropriate data for each of the applications to use.

Perhaps an alternative to the above is a further option, c) which would be to write your own data input form that handles all the data and allocates it in a similar fashion to a), but ensuring all the data required for each of the applications, can be captured using that form, and the processing of the data after that form has been submitted, inserts it into the different tables, for each of the different applications, on your behalf.

  fieldyweb 14:35 24 May 2005

So what your saying is that with a little work it is possible. thanks for the swift reply.

As i mentioned, i know squat about SQL and the applications i'm using are Open source Public domain ones, howeve roption A does look appealing..

now i'm gonna show my ignorance here, I used to write loads of Access Databases, and if i had a company which had 3 or 4 seperate databases, i would create a Link database, that is, i would point the existing databases to a new central database, and they would all get thier data from this central data source...
which is i assume what your saying in Option B. Now i have read a little about SQL today, and i think for ddata stability your right, that is the easiest and most secure way to go..

Now obviously we don't have nice Gui's and stuff to do this.. Which is cool, and i'm going to need to program some stuff. so where would i be looking on the web to figure out how to do this?

do not fear, i'm not mucking around with live data, and if i can get it working, i would like to publish the instructions somewhere... Because i can't be the only person, especilly in the world of Education who has thought of doing this..

So Option B, if its the same theory as i described with access..

And Option C is well out of my league..

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