Pau1JB 22:07 29 Jan 2004

hey, i was actually looking for a hosting place that gave u free php with it, in which i found in one of the recent posts. i got a web domain from host ultra.

its click here and i want to add a php element to it. I would like to add an image uploader, anyone from this site

click here
But i have tried, and cant configure them as i have no programming knowledge, could some one be so kind as to download one of these and set it up for my website, so all i hav to do is upload it. if u neeed my username and password for my account to work at it i will be happy to give it to you.

thanks, hope you can help!

  Taran 17:28 01 Feb 2004

Most PHP scripts come with ample instruction for setting things up whether you are a programmer or not. Most of them require little or no tweaking, and those that do need settings normally limit their requirements to your domain name, username, password and so on.

Some web hosts may or may not allow file uploads and those who do will require a number of security measures to be put in place. These will include restrictions on file type, file size, multiple or single file uploads and there will also be some pretty serious security required for the destination folder where your uploads will end up.

Look on Hotscripts click here and run a search in the PHP script archive for:

image upload

There are lots of free options and most are dead easy to set up. They even have a couple of beginners tutorials click here and click here on how to script your own uploader page.

It isn't wise to offer your username and password so readily and, quite frankly, any web host that offers your PHP and/or MySQL support for nothing AND file upload capability is borderline crazy. The potential for misuse is vast.

  Pau1JB 18:30 01 Feb 2004

i got a account from hostultra which allowed php to work, but wouldnt get images to be uploaded.

is there any other free way i can get hosting and upload images, not nessarily with php.


  Taran 19:20 01 Feb 2004

I've no idea.

Fre web hosting is not something I try to keep familiar with.

I am a great believer in the simlpe fact that if you want something or need something then payment for it seems reasonable. Pretty much every "free" web host I've seen to date has one or more conditions of use, from banner adverts to pop-ups and more.

A web host will earn nothing from providing you with free space so the few who offer something will expect some kind of return through advertising using the banners, pop-ups and so on that I mentioned above.

You can get good web hosting for domestic use for around £50 to £70 per year.

I guess it all comes down to how much you want a website and what you want to get out of it should you create one.

Image uploads will still be a possible issue with some of the less expensive web hosts, mainly for the various security reasons outlined in my first post. Unless you lock things down properly someone could send something other than an image to your web account and from that point it could do all kinds of unsavoury things.

If you want image upload and other useful features, as well as full control over your own site with PHP and MySQL or ASP and Access support, I strongly suggest that you look for a paid web hosting option.

There have been a lot of threads asking for free web hosting and most of them have resulted in less than satisfactory resolution.

I would't expect my local garage to start offering free fuel...

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