Photoshop Version

  iqs 10:37 22 Oct 2014


I have no experience of using any type of photoshop software. But would like to learn. Is there a version which has all the bells & whistles,but is aimed for the newbies ? Thank you

  john bunyan 10:56 22 Oct 2014

For keen amateurs, I think Photoshop Elements 13 is very good (£65 + VAT). If I were starting again I would choose that. I have CS5 but the latest CS6 is only on subscription , which I do not like. The CS suite is over £600 and in my view is only for professionals. If you want a freebie, to get used to photo manipulation I would try Paint. net

Photoshop Elements

  john bunyan 11:00 22 Oct 2014

PS "Photoshop" is the brand name of Adobe's photo suites. There are many other photo suites to choose from. Others may well comment on their merits, but the advantage of Photoshop itself is that it is the "industry standard" and if you like Elements and want to go further, the CS versions are similar but vey complicated.

  hssutton 11:38 22 Oct 2014

I use Photoshop CS6, but would recommend an excellent editor plus it's free.

Serif have a free download which is very good, virtually a Photoshop clone. Be aware though they will continue harassing you to upgrade. Serif PhotoPlus

  iscanut 11:42 22 Oct 2014

I agree with John, try Elements and if you do not want to pay full price for latest version, try an earlier version such as 6 by looking on EBay. I did and use that version happily and in only cost me £20.

  john bunyan 12:02 22 Oct 2014

Just ensure, if you buy an older version, that it is compatible with your Operating System.

  LastChip 12:30 22 Oct 2014

There can be an issue using old software.

If you're shooting in RAW as many professionals do and using a recent camera, it may be older versions of Photoshop do not have the necessary drivers for the later camera.

My son ran up against this and was forced to upgrade to CS5. Like john bunyan, neither of us like the subscription model, so we're likely to stay with 5 or if/when it no longer supports our cameras, move to something else.

Frankly, even as a professional, my son only uses a fraction of what CS5 is capable of. It's a massive overkill for most people and something like Serif will do you just fine. If you look at some of the results various individuals have achieved in their competitions, it's nothing short of amazing.

Or, just use GIMP. A high learning curve (but they all are); totally free and legal. Probably the closest you'll get to Photoshop without the price tag. There are loads of tutorials on how to do just about anything.

  iqs 13:35 22 Oct 2014

Thank you all for the replies & suggestions I will look at the alternatives to Photoshop,but will probably opt for the Elements 13. But you never know....

Thank you all again

  BRYNIT 14:07 22 Oct 2014

You could download the trial version of Photoshop elements before buying CLICK HERE and to help, a few tutorials CLICK HERE. When you click on a tutorial it gives you the option to open with a program and are downloaded to the temp folder or you can save them to your hard drive. The files do open with Windows media player but not sure which other programs.

  john bunyan 14:15 22 Oct 2014


Elements 13 handles RAW. See:

Elements 13

I have just telephoned Adobe to enquire about a possible update from CS5 to 6. They say they no longer supply it direct; They offer CC, a cloud version of what would be CS 10 at £8.78 a month.

I will stick with CS5 and revert to Elements when the time comes to change.

  LastChip 21:41 22 Oct 2014

john bunyan, "Elements 13 handles RAW".

I never said it didn't, simply to be careful of older versions of software.

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