Photoshop thumbnails not visible as small images

  chesterfield 20:43 19 Apr 2005

I recently upgraded from Photoshop 6 to CS and have noticed that my saved files are no longer represented by the photoshop icon and a minature version of the image.

When I right click on any of the files and check properties they are still listed as opening with Photoshop.

This is reall annoying as I have to open the files now before I can see what they are where as before I could tell from the minature image.

Anybody any idea how to sort this?


  hssutton 22:02 19 Apr 2005

I can't remember back to PS 6, so I'm not sure what I did those days, but what is wrong with using the "File Browser" within CS.

This shows thunbnails of all the images in any given folder on any given drive.

  chesterfield 22:18 19 Apr 2005

Thanks, hadn't even come across this feature yet.

  hssutton 10:46 20 Apr 2005

You really need to get to grips with the browser, it's an invaluable asset of CS. Are you aware that CS as now been updated?. CS2 will be released in May.

  chesterfield 11:20 20 Apr 2005

I wasnt! Thanks for updating me.

  [email protected] 21:26 10 Jun 2006

same prob - photo 7 to CS2 blue/green feathers evrywhere - eaven open from within CS, i ve tried the browser - it does show all but is very slow on a normally rappid machine, if the CS Browser can see them why cant they be displayed in their files - could it be prog access defaults in add & rem.......pls

  terryf 00:14 11 Jun 2006
  terryf 00:49 11 Jun 2006

You actually need from
click here to see cs2 thumbnails in explorer
Worked for me

  [email protected] 00:51 11 Jun 2006

straight over my head, what do i do with rapid share - to make CS2 thumbs to work

  terryf 11:09 11 Jun 2006

The zip file I found does work, you create a folder programs/adobe/shell and copy the dll file to it and then 2click on the reg file, all the files are inside the zip file which you download to a suitable place (perhaps creat a new folder for it and then unzip using winzip or winrar.It does work with cs2 images shown as thumbnails in explorer. Come back if you need more guidance on how to do it

  [email protected] 19:57 11 Jun 2006

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