Photoshop problem

  NotsoNewuser 14:51 04 Sep 2011

Using XP(3) and CS3. Went to use photoshop help and page came up blank. Tried restore without success (I don't know when the problem started anyway). Went to uninstall/reinstall using control panel but program won't uninstall and there is no file size noted against CS3. Tried to reinstall anyway, but wpon't do that either. Other programs do uninstall/reinstall. All other elements of the software working, just the help pages are blank. I haven't tried the recovery console as i've not used that before and I don't know if it is XP or photoshop anyway. Is that the route I should take or does anyone have any other ideas. Is there a separate program I can get to uininstall CS3? Thanks for any help.

  john bunyan 14:58 04 Sep 2011

You could try Revo uninstaller (free) see here:

Alternatively I have found Adobe technical support helpful on the telephone.

  john bunyan 15:07 04 Sep 2011
  hssutton 17:07 04 Sep 2011

It was always a major problem trying to re-install CS3. A few years ago I spent many hours searching the web for an answer, all to no avail. Eventually I reformated and did a fresh install.

Adobe have sinced release a clean-up tool to remove any fragmants of photoshop left over. Actually this is aimed at CS5, but my understanding is that it works for all versions of CS.

[enter link description here]cscleanertool1

  hssutton 17:09 04 Sep 2011

Sorry about the link (guess I need new specs) :)cscleanertool

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