Is photoshop elements usually slow

  depressed 13:30 17 Jul 2009

I have just bought photoshop elements 7 and find it quite slow. Is this the norm oram I too impatient? I would like also to know where to go for the best tuition for photoshop elements.

I thank anyone in anticipation of your response


  T I M B O 13:34 17 Jul 2009

Photoshop elements normally works fast. Tell us more about your pc please

CPU Ghz?
And what version of windows are you using?

  depressed 13:45 17 Jul 2009

Thank you for your response

I am using windows XP 2002 sercvice pack 3
intel pen 4

  iscanut 16:11 17 Jul 2009

How much Ram ?

  depressed 17:03 17 Jul 2009

where would I find ram information? Thank you.

  depressed 17:04 17 Jul 2009

I have just defragmented my PC

  iscanut 20:44 17 Jul 2009

Ram..Go to Control Panel, click on system then General Tab..Ram is shown under "Computer". Did the defrag have any effect ?

  ened 07:34 21 Jul 2009

I don't know how much memory you have.

The History feature is not only useful but absolutely essential.

But you need to know, however, if you are working on large (Many Mbs) pictures and your resources are low it will slow down because it will be completely redrawing the picture for every change you make.

So if you are working on a 25meg pic, everytime you change even one pixel that is another 25meg being used up by the memory/swap file.

You can adjust this setting in 'Preferences' but really I find it useful to have it as large as possible.

  depressed 08:45 21 Jul 2009

Thanks I still have about 41% of unused memory, but your comments were very useful.. Many thanks

  wee eddie 15:00 21 Jul 2009

My Computer > Right Click > Properties > Left Click > General ~ Bottom Right, there should be mention of the amount of RAM.

How many MB do you have? This could be the critical factor.

  iscanut 16:46 21 Jul 2009

Getting confused now...History feature ? 25Mb picture..seems very large. The majority of my pics are far less than that even at High Res ! Unused memory 41% ? Does this mean hard disk space ? The Ram question has still not been addressed although both myself and wee eddie have asked.

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