Photoshop Elements searching Floppy on start-up

  StuFromPoole 10:24 12 Oct 2003

I am running Photoshopshop Elements on Win 98

Also, I had an Adobe photo viewer which was bundled in with my digital camera package installed too. The two sat quietly side by side - no conflict.

Because I have rarely used the photo viewing software since buying Elements, I decided to remove it and did so using Add and Remove.

Photoshop Elements still runs perfectly well, but on start up it searches the floppy drive. It never did this before so why now?

I guess that it is associated with the removal of the other software - Have I removed a shared file perhaps?

This is more an annoyance than anything else.

I have searched both the PC advisor and Adobe forums but have found no similar reference.

Is there a user setting that has become corrupt? Should I simply reinstall from the disk?

Any help greatly received - Stu.

  graham√ 10:38 12 Oct 2003

I haven't got the program, but I think this is a problem common to other programc, Word, for example.

You'll have to check in the programs settings for a box marked 'always check floppy', or similar.

In Word, Tools, Options, File Locations.
If the A drive is listed, every time Word is opened it will check the floppy for files.

  thms 10:40 12 Oct 2003

I am not familiar with photoshop elements but have you tried reinstalling photo viewer.

When you uninstalled viewer did it come up with a warning about shared files? If you are unsure about shared files it is best to leave them where they are. They will do no harm.

  Morpheus© 10:50 12 Oct 2003

i think it can be got round by writing to the disk from the programme waiting till it is finshed then taking the disk out....

at some point the disk has been removed before it was finshed with.....

  StuFromPoole 17:10 12 Oct 2003

Thank you all for your advice

I believe that I have deleted common files. This has been resolved by installation of deleted software.

However, on closer inspection, the program is actually measuring available memory space as there is a setting which determines how much space in % the program can occupy.

perhaps it always tweaked the A drive and I never noticed before?

Thanks again for your valuable input.


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