Photoshop Elements not opening

  Inquisitive 13:12 11 Oct 2003

I need help, I recently bought a new digital camera, bundled with it was a copy of Photoshop Elements. I loaded it and everything seemed to go well, but when I try to open the programme I get an error message thus, "Exerces Panic error"
if I press ok the programme shuts down, if I ignore it and try to use the programm everything locks up.I've tried all I know, deleting and re installing , making a clean install by shutting down any programme running on start up, also tried installing the programme on another computer,where it would not even begin to load. Is this because it is a bundled disc and is copy protected in some way?
Any ideas anyone please?

  JIM 14:12 11 Oct 2003

see what happens if you uninstall just the digital camera software.Leaving in Photoshop Elements as a stand alone program.

Cannot understand refusal of "also tried installing the programme on another computer"

What win os,and Version of Photoshop Elements.

  Inquisitive 15:00 11 Oct 2003

Thanks Jim, Seemed like a good idea, but no joy.
I am trying to use PSE on an XP system, the other machine I tried to load it on is a Win98 one.
The box I get containing the message "Xerces Panic Error" is entitled "Unable to load Transcoding Service".I've looked this up on Google and it seems to be connected to CD ripping in some way. I don't undrestand how this affects PSE.
Thanks anyway. JLB

  lixdexik 15:10 11 Oct 2003

I use elements 2 and elements 1 before that on both 98 & XP and have never had any trouble ( lucky me..Hu! {;-) ) which would make me think it could be a bad cd. I would take the disc back to the shop and see if they can load it, or replace the disc.just a thought. I find elements to be a great programe, I'm sure you will like it if you get it going.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  JIM 15:21 11 Oct 2003

A posed kodak digital camera question and answer ,may help.

I received an Xerces panic error and I could not load a transcoding service. What do I do?

One of several things could be causing this error:
One of the images you are attempting to view is corrupted.

Resolution - try opening the pictures individually. When you find the corrupted file, delete it from the picture card.

The source image has been moved to another location between initial application startup and subsequent application startup.

Resolution - Delete file c:\windows\kodakPN. This is a Windows settings file that remembers the location of the images displayed in the last session.

The source image was located on removable media, and the media was been removed prior to the subsequent application startup.

Resolution - Place the picture card back in the card reader or camera.

Attempting to view unsupported file types, i.e. fpx. Supported file types are JPEG and TIFF. Resolution - Open only jpg or tif files in this software.

  Inquisitive 15:30 11 Oct 2003


I think you are right in that something somewhere is corrupted, but it can't be an image file, I cannot even get the programme(PSE) to open in order to view any pic's.

  JIM 16:02 11 Oct 2003

I am still thinking and looking:)

This is only see if files are avaiable.

If your images are not in my pictures folder via my document folder, to see your image file, can you not open up the (PSE)folder in the c:\programs,(if there)or do a find files search to view.You should be able to locate all files in winxp to view and open. If you can click on a image,even winxp should at least open it.

  Inquisitive 16:46 11 Oct 2003

Thanks Jim,
To tell the truth, I have half a dozen file viewing programmes and another half dozen photo manipulation programmes on my computer, including Photoshop 7 Ulead Photoimpact, PSP, and others, they all work, no problem. I suppose I don't really need Elements, but I get frustrated when something frustrates me. Sorry to have been a pain.


  Inquisitive 16:50 11 Oct 2003

Hi Lixidisk,
I don't think I have a duff disk, but what do I know?
The problem is, it came bundled with a camera, and I don't see how I could return the disc alone.
Thank for your input though, you could be right.


  JIM 17:10 11 Oct 2003

I get the picture,(excuse the pun) Let me know if you succeed

Something snipits to remember. From Adobe help------Before a reinstall.

Files to Remove Before Trying Each Solution

Before trying each solution, remove from the hard disk all temporary files and any of the Photoshop or Photoshop Elements files that were installed. Doing so removes any damaged files (permanent and temporary) that the installer needs to overwrite, but can't.

Deleting Temporary Files from a Previous Installation
When you install an application or an update, the installer copies temporary files to the folder that contains Windows temporary files to decompress and load them.

Usually, temporary files are in the Documents and Settings\[user profile]\Local Settings\Temp folder (Windows XP and 2000).

Normally, the installer removes these temporary files after it completes an installation. If any of these temporary files remain, however, and you try to reinstall Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, the installer returns an error.

Also worth noting

4. Re-create the Photoshop Elements preferences file.
Photoshop Elements stores information about plug-ins, features, and the application itself in its preferences file. Re-create the Photoshop Elements preferences file to eliminate problems a damaged settings file might cause.

To re-create the Photoshop Elements preferences file:
1. Exit from Photoshop Elements.
2. Locate the Adobe Photoshop Elements preferences file:
In Photoshop Elements 2.0

Documents and Settings/[user]/Application Data/Adobe/Photoshop/Elements/Photoshop Elements 2.0 Prefs/Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0 Prefs.psp

In Photoshop Elements 1.0
Documents and Settings/[user]/Application

Data/Adobe/Photoshop/Elements/Adobe Photoshop Elements Prefs/Adobe Photoshop Elements Prefs.psp

3. Rename the file (for example, to Prefspsp.old).

4 Start Photoshop Elements. Photoshop Elements creates a new preferences file.

If the problem continues, the preferences file isn't the cause. To restore custom settings, delete the new preferences file and restore the original name of the previous preferences file.

click here

  Inquisitive 17:29 11 Oct 2003

Wow!! Thanks Jim,

You've given me a hell of a lot to think about, I'm going to persevere methodically until this thing is resolved one way or another. If I don't end up throwing the computer through the window, and if I am even slightly successful I will let you know.
Watch this space.


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