Photoshop Elements 7 Flicking / Jumpy ?

  skidzy 11:30 19 Feb 2009

Not a major problem but annoying to the say the least.

Since the last batch of MS updates my photo software (not all) is playing up,specifically Photoshop Elements 7 and Photoscape.

This is a Vista machine fully patched with 2GB of ram,ram usage is at 50% when Photoshop is in the ram should be ok.Ram has been tested and all seems well.

My point is;

Is anyone else having any issues with the program/s flicking on screen ?

These programs are fine with no problem to date;

Nikon NX

Windows Photo Gallery is also affected and has been for a while now,but im putting that down to a new NEF codec installation that maybe a bit buggy though i very rarely use WPG.

I have not uninstalled the updates yet,just waiting on further opinions.

Any ideas people ?

As usual all views are appreciated,thankyou.

  skidzy 23:57 21 Feb 2009

^ bump ^

  brundle 00:02 22 Feb 2009

Are you talking about movies viewed with the software - seeing as you mention codecs ?

  Joe R 00:05 22 Feb 2009


sounds like the updates may have had an effect on your video drivers.

Have you tried re-installing and/or upgrading them?

If this does not work, the only remedy I see, is a system restore.

Regards Joe.

  skidzy 00:08 22 Feb 2009

Hi Brundle

No,just Raw and jpeg files.

I have sen a few threads relating to a buggy Nvidia driver...will check that out tomorrow.

Nef is Nikon's answer to Raw,its just a codec that was added to WPG via Nikon's update service...allowing Vista and WPG to view Nef files.

Though i doubt this is the problem as i believe this started before i added the Nef codec.

  skidzy 00:11 22 Feb 2009

cheers for that,like ive said could well be the graphics as WPG goes grey after about 3 seconds upon opening.

Will look tomorrow as on the lappy at the moment.

  brundle 00:16 22 Feb 2009

I'm not familiar with image-editing software really - can you describe "jumpy" - when rendering large images to screen? I think sunnystaines asked about the latest NVidia driver, installed and working on my Vista 4GB dual core machine now and no issues so far.
Do you use ProcessExplorer? click here

Run it and carefully check the CPU/memory usage of the problem application, and any connected processes listed as threads resulting from that app.
I am nowhere near an expert on it, but I've seen a few instances where it helped track down a glitchy driver or file related to a program.

  skidzy 00:23 22 Feb 2009

Yes ive got sysinternals Brundle,thankyou,and ive seen Sunnies thread...that makes me think possible graphics driver problem.

The best way i can explain;

Photos saved to hdd (own new folder each time) till ive sorted them out (sometimes 200-300) at a time.

Then i quickly run through the pics using various software,now if i use Photoscape or WPG...Photoscape flickers every 5 seconds or so,basically like turning the light off very quickly and back on.

WPG,now this flickers a little but once a pic is loaded....this goes to one half of the screen grey and ghosting the other half grey and black.

I really do not want to use System Restore if possible and have a ATI backup if so needed.
But really would like to find this cause ?

  skidzy 00:28 22 Feb 2009

I do have the option to uninstall the Nef codec if i wish,but something is amiss there too;

The download was 29MB from Nikon but only 5MB from Microsoft and only shows 4MB in remove a program.

I assume the Nikon download is loaded with further updates...its a self installing exe.

  brundle 00:30 22 Feb 2009

Sounds like graphics drivers issues to me too - can you try rolling-back graphics drivers via Device Manager? Or try reducing Hardware Acceleration.

  skidzy 00:35 22 Feb 2009

Will do brundle,will be tomorrow now as about to go off to noddy land..... cheers for the input,much appreciated.

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