photoshop elements 6 won't open

  sadmancol 22:52 18 Apr 2013

Have installed photoshop elements 6 on a Sony laptop running windows XP, with 1.66 ghz processor. It was successfully installed and registered but every time I try to open it I get the message "...has encountered a problem and needs to close". I have reinstalled the programme several times. Any advice would be appreciated.

  northumbria61 11:17 19 Apr 2013

I don't have any knowledge about Photoshop Elements but the error message you are getting is displayed in this link under the heading Issue - with a possible solution. Hope this helps.

enter link description here

  sadmancol 12:45 21 Apr 2013

Thanks northumbria61,

Got as far as >username>application data>Adobe> but no further, no Online Services. However when trying to open Elements 6 now getting the message headed "Unsupported configuration" and text Adobe Photoshop Elements requires Windows XP or Windows Vista. My computer is running Widows XP.

  northumbria61 13:04 21 Apr 2013

There is something here which relates to V.5 but may help enter link description here

  northumbria61 13:14 21 Apr 2013

As I have already said I don't have any knowledge about Photoshop Elements but a quick word with a friend suggests it may/could be down to a faulty preferences file.

You may want to try this - AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\6.0\Editor and delete the file called Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 Prefs. - if you can get to that stage.

  sadmancol 19:58 22 Apr 2013

Couldn't find AppData or Roaming but starting with Vaio(c): Programme Files>Photoshop Elements 6.0> Photoshop Elements Editor and clicking on Editor it launched Elements 6. Not very satisfactory but at least I know it works. Learned today from Adobe that it was originally registered in 2004! so no support. I have been sold a copy of an original. If the price looks too good to be true then it probably is. Thanks for your help.

  hssutton 20:20 22 Apr 2013

Uninstalling certain Photoshop programs can leave behind certain elements which can create problems on a reinstall. There is an uninstaller on the Adobe site which was design for CS and I've read somewhere on the web that it also works for Elements 6.

Not sure if you're aware but you can download the full CS2 version for free, not quite as easy to use as Elements, but far superior.Photoshop CS2

  sadmancol 01:11 23 Apr 2013

I saw that about a free download of CS2 but didn't really believe it. I've had a look using your link and it looks genuine enough. Does it work with Mountain Lion?

  hssutton 08:24 23 Apr 2013

I use CS6 on W7, but did check a couple of weeks ago regarding CS2 being free and yes it worked perfectly. As for working on Mountain Lion I don't have a clue, but there is a download for the Mac.

  sadmancol 13:55 23 Apr 2013

A look at Adobe's site suggests that the CS2 free download is no longer available.It was compatible with Windows XP but only Powermacs running Leopard. Thought it was too good to be true.

  hssutton 14:34 23 Apr 2013

The download is still there along with a working serial number, I've just checked it out. However it would appear that there are problems with Mountain lion, but according to this site they can be overcome Youtube

Adobe download site CS2

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