Photoshop CS adding text problem

  Dan 15:47 27 May 2004

This is a weird little thing that happens from time to time and I'm hoping someone can tell me what dumb thing I'm doing.

When adding text (to either a jpeg or psd file) I sometimes find that as oppose to a cursor showing the size that the text will show up as, instead I'll get a single pixel dot at the start of the text line. Although typing in the text shows up in the layer menu, it doesn't show up on the screen and is not there (cannot be selected etc).

Can someone explain what's going on and what I can do to stop it.



  HyperDude 16:22 27 May 2004

hmmm indeed!

I use photoshop and have never encountered this.

Try draging out a text area then typing, instead of clicking where you want the text to go you use the text tool and draw a box.

See if that works.

  Pesala 17:03 27 May 2004

Are you perhaps clicking and dragging the Text cursor instead of just clicking it?

  Dan 23:30 27 May 2004

Thanks for the suggestions but sadly tried both of them and neither worked. It's very weird.

I wondered if in some way it was a memory hang up so the current psd file I removed all but 3 layers and dropped it down to about 40mb. The system has a gig to play with so that shouldn't be it.

(Even so I also tried it on a single layer of 1mb and still can't create text)

I could take the file into Paintshop Pro but now it's just bugging me.

Any other ideas?

  Dan 18:37 11 Jul 2004

Cause it's still happening.

I thought I'd solved the mystery (still believing it to be memory related) when I tried a new trick and created a single blank image with a transparent backing, created my text fine and then copied it into the larger image as a new layer.

This worked fine once....and then didn't anymore.

I've read somewhere that

"the first step towards fixing...(a problem)... should be to delete (and backup if you want) the photoshop preferences file. A corrupt preference file causes 90% of photoshops problems".

Where might I find the preferences file, and is this a reasonable suggestion?

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