Photoshop 7 vers Photoshop eliments

  jon2 17:31 15 Mar 2010

I have Photoshop 7 at the moment and was wondering if Photoshop eliments 8 was better

  BRYNIT 18:13 15 Mar 2010

You could always try it for your self. You can download the trial version from click here

  csqwared 19:54 15 Mar 2010

Have you tried Gimp click here

It does everything that the two you have mentioned does, runs under Windows and *is totally free*.

Go know it makes sense. ;-))


  eedcam 22:20 15 Mar 2010

Gimp good for a freebie but better no way

  David4637 14:03 16 Mar 2010

I would stick with V7. It covers 80% of whats in CS4. Have used V7 for 4 years now. Photoshop has a long learning curve, once you are into it NOTHING TOUCHES IT. David

  hssutton 15:22 16 Mar 2010

IMO having used PS from v6 to CS4 is that elements 8 is far superior to PS7 and CS4 kicks PS7 into touch.

Assuming you want it just for photo editing then go for Elements 8. Check it out here.

Gimp is also very good, albeit a little difficult to learn.

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