PhotoShop 7 anomaly

  Furkin 16:23 16 Aug 2008

I've been using PS7 and half way through using the 'sample dropper' & 'brush' it stopped working !

Everything else works o.k,,,,,, and when I click the dropper on black, it picks up black (or whatever colour i'm picking) as the box at bottem left shows. But when I click on brush,,,, although the curser changes to the brush one (& will re-size) it dosn't transfer the colour.

It was fine earlier (& always has been) so I rekkon I clicked on something by mistake,,,,,

any ideas please ?

  Furkin 16:28 16 Aug 2008

as you were,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
somehow I altered the MODE: box (menu) when in Brush mode.
It was in BURN. I altered it to Normal, & all is fine again,,,,,,


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