surfer47 22:43 01 Jun 2010

I am thinking of changine to Photoshop but I am confused by all the different opptions. I am but a simple amateur photographer and don't want to get too complicated. Can anyone throw light into the darkness?

  MAT ALAN 22:50 01 Jun 2010

click here

download the trial version and try it, it's the only real test...

  hssutton 23:12 01 Jun 2010

Try CS5 as per Mats link. You say you don't want to get too complicated, well CS5 is about as complicted as you can buy, but is well worth the stuggle to master.

If you want to use photoshop I would suggest you get Elements which is also available as a trial click here

  eedcam 04:37 02 Jun 2010

before you gofrotrials give a try with Gimp its free and is a kind off copy of photoshop there are plenty of tutorials infact it blatanly uses some photshop tutorials
click here

  defendor 06:52 02 Jun 2010

Try to download some tutorials for photoshop.
I only use CS3 and its all good for me. :)

click here

  john bunyan 08:02 02 Jun 2010

Although I have Photoshop CS4 and about to update to CS5, I would not pay the price unless you are a very keen photographer (semi professional). I think Photoshop Elements 8 would be fine at about £70 versus over £500 for CS5.

  erkmatrix 08:28 02 Jun 2010

I started on Photoshop 7 and loved it from the start when I first opened up the program, it is great. I never really learned all of what it can do as its a huge capability tool and does even more then ever thought possible these days. What helped me learn was The missing manual book on photoshop, its written really well to understand click here, also recommend checking out classroom in a book too, theres some good stuff in there too on practical learning. If you have a lot of money you could invest in dvds as I've seen one a couple of years ago now and it was very good to do it whilst watching a video of someone. That said there's loads of tutorials on photoshop and other programs like gimp and elements on youtube so you might want to check that out first.

  David4637 09:22 02 Jun 2010

I use PS V7 it covers about 80% of the latest version and can be bought for cheap, where as PS CS versions are about £600.
You CAN NOT beat PS, but its a long learning curve. Look in your local Library for PS books.

  Diemmess 10:31 02 Jun 2010

Taking your opening post literally:
You want to change, OK but what are you using at the moment?

If you want the most powerful app there is then as almost everyone has said - Photoshop.

If you really are only a starter in this game there are all sorts available from free to a figure still far less than PS. and have an immense amount of facilities.

Sorry if I misunderstood ...... "and don't want to get too complicated".

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