photo's will not load

  steve263000 10:26 13 Nov 2004

I have at last uploaded my site, click here However none of the photo's on the site will load up. I just get the "x" where the photo should be. I have used front page to create the site. I have had this before, but have forgotten what caused it. The FTP, terrapin, checked all the files before uploading, and all was supposed to be ok. Somebody must know what I have done. Any ideas?

  Forum Editor 11:19 13 Nov 2004

into your FrontPage web before you upload to the server, then a copy of each picture will go onto the server and be loaded with the page. That's the first thing to check.

In addition, make sure that all your filenames are in lower case, and that there are no spaces. If you want to have a filename space do it like this: example_filename_to_demonstrate_spaces

  Taran 11:27 13 Nov 2004

Your image source filepaths are all wrong.

The source code of your page says that the "Cardiff Castle taken early one morning" picture is located at:


This obviously points to a copy of the image on your own PC, in your My Documents/Working web pages/myweb2 folder, and not to an image on your web space.

Try publishing the web locally from FrontPage to a folder on your hard drive then upload the results to your webspace. Obviosuly you need to make certain that any images you use in your web are imported into the images folder of the web root folder. FrontPage will let you grab an image from anywhere and reference it to a page, but if you aren't careful, the image filepath will not be updated when you publish the site.

Go back into your FrontPage web and make sure all images are in the images folder in your web root folder. If they aren't, click on the images folder, go to File, Import and browse to select the file(s). Delete whatever image is referenced in your page then insert the copy of it you just imported to the images folder in your web root.

You have to make sure that all files for your web are in thr root folder somewhere, otherwise publishing the web will leave elements behind on your computer.

Rather than the image tag being like this:

<img border="0" src="../../../My%20Documents/Working%20web%20pages/myweb2/images/cardiff_castle_early_small.jpg" ...

It should be like this:

<img border="0" src="images/cardiff_castle_early_small.jpg" ...

  Taran 11:28 13 Nov 2004

Two people typing the same thing at the same time.

Just for a change.

  steve263000 10:05 14 Nov 2004

Thanks a lot, I will go back and check it out. When I went to the "terrapin" file on the hard drive this morning, there were hundreds of files fropm old uploads in there. I have deleted all of them, and now I have to make sure that the root folder has all the correct stuff in there.

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