photos which paper?

  centrelatch 18:23 24 Jan 2005

Hi room.... ime interested in printing my own photos , and i would like to know which paper to use , is "inkjet photo paper" the same as "photo paper" ? if so what thickness should i use your help would be appreciated thanks

  CHAIRLEG 20:00 24 Jan 2005

Depends on what you want.For example for Inkjet printers.Kodak Ultima. Kodak Premium. Kodak Picture Paper. Kodak Everyday Picture paper.These are all all for Inkjet printers in descending quality and weight.I use Kodak Picture Paper and am happy with it.You will find that you can get all kinds of paper eg Epson Lexmark HP Plenty of choices so just shop around and find what suites you.

  john-232317 20:02 24 Jan 2005

If you have an inkjet printer then use inkjet paper if you can.

I have found I get the best results from about 175 grm inkjet paper by HP.

I think you can get packs with a variety of weights in, try them and see what suits you best.

  josie mayhem 20:11 24 Jan 2005

To your first question I not 100% sure what you mean?

But to your second question concerning type of paper, I would personaly say to use a heavey paper above 200grams, the heavier the paper the more it will feel like and look more like a shop photograph. But you do find this grade/weight is expensive, so for test printing and/or printing photo's that aren't that important I use a cheaper lighter paper.

The biggeat problem is that each company will have a slightly different way of discribing the paper, but most will have some form of graph/diagram on the packet to say what it is suitable for.

Most injets printers leave the photo slightly wet after printing, so it is important to handle carefully and not to stack them for at least 24 hours, also photo grade inks can still smudge if the finished photo gets damp or water is droped on them, but you can over-come this is you spray the photo with a mounting/fixing spray, the only drawback being that doing this makes your photo a matt finish.

If you still unsure what type/finish you want check click here they do a sample pack of several diffent type/finish of paper.

I hope this helps, by the way what printer to you intend to use for printing your photographs?

  Totally-braindead 20:20 24 Jan 2005

I agree with josie mayhems recommendation, personally I use 2 types of paper both from Choice 180g photo gloss and for some things 120g matt. Buy a sample pack and see for yourself.

  Sans le Sou 20:33 24 Jan 2005

If you want to frame the pics use a heavier weight paper as the lighter papers tend to wrinkle a bit and this mars the effect. I like to use glossy for colour pics and semi gloss for B&W, but it is only a peesonal preference. Your printer model may be a factor in deciding the optimal output results.

  Sans le Sou 20:34 24 Jan 2005

for peesonal read personal

  centrelatch 20:41 24 Jan 2005

Thanks alot all your info was very helpful

  wee eddie 21:01 24 Jan 2005

So, first get yourself some sample packs. Particularly from the manufacturer of the ink you use.

If you are using 3rd party inks, remember that you may not get quite the quality of reproduction, but many 3rd party ink makers produce results that are almost indistinguishable from the manufacturers ink. So you may have to try different inks as well.

  Buchan 35 21:05 24 Jan 2005

Never use anything below 200g/m2

  interzone55 21:07 24 Jan 2005

I recently tried some cheap 6x4 "photo quality" paper from tesco, it was absolutely rubbish, so I bought some Epson paper and the difference in quality was stunning.

Most magazine articles seem to recommend getting the same brand paper as your printer, as it will react better with the ink, but if you use third party ink this will not have the same effect.

As other's have said, get a sample pack from someone like click here and pick the paper that gives the best results for you.

btw when printing photo's it's best to keep them behind glass in a frame, or laminate them as they will fade v quickly.

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