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  Knocker 16:00 19 Sep 2005

I have made a Video CD using Microsofts 'Photo Story 3' but the pictures are very fuzzy when viewed on my 32" LCD TV. The pictures selected were saved as 6" x 4" at 300-500 pixel resolutions in .jpeg format. Do I need to save at a higher resolution or in another format. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  woodchip 16:12 19 Sep 2005

Yes they are too small

  john-232317 17:34 19 Sep 2005

Take the pics in the best quality you can on th camera.

  eedcam 18:09 19 Sep 2005

If the original is sharp and focussed the size shouldn't matter.I've done1x1.5' of the type taken in the photo booths.They were over 40 years old and still came up nigh on perfect.Although wasn't using photo story.Are you using VCD or Svcd the latter might help a bit. Better still dvd if you can.

  Simsy 18:20 19 Sep 2005

of the picture in inches, or centimetres that matters, but rather the pixel size...

You suggest 300 x 500 pixels... Depending on how the software you used to create the disc works, (it may have some kind of resizing option?), it is likely that the images are too small a resolution.

It is best to have a high resolution photo for something like this.

Also, bear in mind that the resising I refer to above will not successfully "upsize" pictures; it can only reduce resolution if pictures are too big, it can't make them bigger by creating detail that isn't there to start with.

Good luck,



  brambles 20:51 19 Sep 2005

Photo Story 3 is essentially for viewing on a computer with Windows Media Player. Even on my 19inch LCD Computer Monitor. I have created a lot of stories but I only view them at 50% they look blurred at Full Screen. Nevertheless it is a very good 'freebie'.

Recommend you look at the Photo Story 3 Microsoft Web Page (Type the title in Google to find quckly)there is a very good tutorial on there which shows you how to create a story with one photograph by alterinf transistions etc.


  Knocker 15:57 20 Sep 2005

Thanks guys. I have saved some photos at a higher resolution and they appear tp be slightly better. Photo Story 3 is the limiting factor in the resolution that is saved. I think I will look for another software choice and try again.


  john-232317 18:26 20 Sep 2005

Download Picasa2 or irfanview, both are free.

  Knocker 16:31 21 Sep 2005

Cheers Dadyassa

My golf buddy also recommended Picasa.


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