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  podlod 16:07 14 Oct 2008

Hi, I have serif PhotoPlus 8 and although now I can crop photos and to the size I need I still have probs in placing these 2 photos which are exactly the same dimension side by side in a plain white frame, so that when I have completed I get a photo side by side as one, hope you get my drift.

  Rahere 16:26 14 Oct 2008

Not sure if I do follow you - are you printing these out to put in a picture frame or are you trying to place two pictures side by side within a program?

  Pineman100 17:49 14 Oct 2008

I'm not sure what you mean, either. Are you trying to "stitch" two photos together to make one wide picture?

  woodchip 18:04 14 Oct 2008

As Pineman100 its called stitch to make panoramic photos. the more you put together the narrow it will be to print on a A4

  Woolwell 18:34 14 Oct 2008

IF you are trying to put 2 photos side by side then it is easier to use a DTP program. If you are actually trying to join the 2 photos together then try using a layer.

It is a while since I last used PhotoPlus 8 so I am trying to remember the procedure. You may need to set the right canvas size.

  hssutton 19:46 14 Oct 2008

My interpretation of the question is that Podlod wants to place two photos side by side on a white background to create a single print.

If this is correct it's quite simple to do. With both images open but minimized, create a new document to whatever size is required (making sure it's the same resolution, colour mode and Bit size as the two photos), then drag the two photos (one at a time) onto the new document.

This will create three seperate layers, so it's quite easy to move each photo into the correct position. Then all you do is flatten the layers ready for printing.

Having read the question again, my interpretation is probably incorrect :)

  podlod 06:59 15 Oct 2008

Hi, what I mean is that I have now 2 cropped photos at both the same dimensions, and I wish to make them looking like they are one photo. The photos will be a before and after example, the left side of the photo being fig1 and the right side fig2, this is based on an example I wish to place in my future website that I am going to make, hopefully!

  Andsome 08:22 15 Oct 2008

You can Google for software that will produce panoramas. Your link by the way is to a Symantec program. I will never ever again allow anything Symantec any where near my computer.

  ^wave^ 08:58 15 Oct 2008

if i get this want you want is 2 pics side by side. what i think you need to do is open the first pic out line it and then fill it this select the new pic then do a copy. open a new layer and paste into it then open the other pic out line it fill it copy it paste into the layer with the first pic on it you can then move the pics around as you like. i have the serif and there are tutorials on this which will also help

  eedcam 08:59 15 Oct 2008

2 photos to look like one then just using the overall size of both photos say they are both 7x5 then create a new canvas 14x5 same Res as the pics then copy and paste teh 2 images onto it no need to be accurate with the canvas as long as its big enough you can crop the excess blank later

  woodchip 16:02 15 Oct 2008

As I said above you have to stitch them using the correct program

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