Photos on to Samsung Tablet

  RedYelBlu 14:37 12 Apr 2017

Hi, I’m having problems storing photos on my Samsung 8” Tablet (SM-T310 Version 4.4.2) and Samsung S5 Mobil Phone. I have been taking photos of my garden during the year and name them as the date they were taken such as this – 2016.12.26 xxxxxx, 2017.02.04 xxxxxx, 2017.02.06 xxxxxx, and 2017.04.02 xxxxxx. They are stored on my PC in this format, and when I open the folder they are in, they appear in ascending order so that I can see the garden change during the year or years. So in list or icon order they will start at the oldest photo first and run through in order to the newest photo. I put the garden photos onto my Tablet and phone and assumed that they would appear in the same dated order as on the PC, but they didn’t. It looks like they use a different method of setting the order of photos. Can anyone tell what the correct method for naming the photos for putting the photos in dated order. Perhaps I need to use the American system of writing down the date such as - dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy. I’m using So the name of the photo might be 04.12.2017 xxxxxx instead of 2014.04.12 xxxxxx? Many thanks for any ideas

  difarn 16:43 12 Apr 2017

On your tablet have you set the gallery app to sort by time? Tap on the gallery app. Tap ona the three horizontal lines on the left hand side - a menu will appear. Tap on time. This should then display your photos at the time that they were captured.

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