Photos on Phone

  ponytail 11:04 07 Dec 2008

I have a Samsung SGH-E250 MOBILE PHONE on which are some photos I took on holiday.I now want to download them to my computers hard drive but have forgotten how to do it.I have a usb lead to connect the phone to the computer.I thought when I clicked on my computer it would show up but it does not.Can someone advise please.

  thms 11:17 07 Dec 2008

You need to download the Samsung pc suite
click here

  dukeboxhero 11:20 07 Dec 2008

Ponytail it your phone might need samsung softwere to d/load your photos
click here

  dukeboxhero 11:20 07 Dec 2008

Beat me to it thms

  Technotiger 12:32 07 Dec 2008

Or, if your photos are on a separate Card in the phone, a better way to get them onto the PC is via a Card Reader, either built-in or USB.

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