Photos opening in wrong programme.

  PENNY-173009 09:46 16 May 2005

I have large photo collection on hard disc and now if I click on anyone of them it tries to open in 'Netscape'.(Each photo has a netscape logo next to it). Sometimes the photos won't open at all especially those sent as attachments.
My photos always used to open in my Photoshop programme ready for editing. What has happened?

  Philwane 10:02 16 May 2005

Right click on photo and click open with photoshop

  wx622 10:03 16 May 2005

It sounds like that Windows has lost is file association for these particular files. You do not mention what extension they have but if they are .jpg, for example:

Open Control Panel, go to Folder options, and the File Types tab. Scroll down to the relevant extension, or if not there add one, and specify which program you want to open it with. Click OK, and try opening a photo again.

  PENNY-173009 10:17 16 May 2005

thanks ..rapid response is appreciated.. all pics now opening in photoshop

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