Photos on monitor

  Duncanf 21:59 13 Jul 2005

Noticed an interesting suggestion by stuartli
regarding how sometimes photographs can appear darker on screen than they actually print out.
Stuartli suggests setting the Colour temperature of the monitor to 'user defined.'
I'd like to try it but not sure how to go about it. Any help please? Thank you.

  woodchip 22:05 13 Jul 2005

The best way is if you use a Photo Edit program, set the Gamma to a higher number try 1.5 or 1.8 a lot set the Gamma to default to 1.0

  woodchip 22:08 13 Jul 2005

PS if you monitor is dark you can do that through Display in Control Panel or just right click on empty desktop\Properties\settings\advanced look for colour or there may be one under the Graphics card named Adapter

  hssutton 22:19 13 Jul 2005

Why not calibrate your monitor correctly, very simple click here

  DieSse 22:37 13 Jul 2005

" photographs can appear darker on screen"

Turn up the brghtness??

  Duncanf 00:39 14 Jul 2005

Thanks to all for helpful hints.

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