photos and imiges help needed

  golfpro 17:24 09 Mar 2003

Sorry about the last thread presed the wrong button, I need to post photos from my digital camera to a forum site, for instance when you see an image "click to enlarge" how can I do this through XP, or do I need a special softwear program to proccess the image first, how is this done????

  hssutton 17:42 09 Mar 2003

Most forums require you to register, once this is done and you are logged on it is usually a simple case on clicking on an upload link. When you click on the upload link you will be asked to select which image you want to upload.

  brambles 18:41 09 Mar 2003

Just register at click here and you will see how intuitive & easy it is to upload pictures.

If you order prints before 4pm on say Monday you will receive the photos First Class post on Tuesday & they are very good quality - and not expensive


  MAJ 18:45 09 Mar 2003

What kind of forum are you trying to upload to? Is it a storage site?

  golfpro 19:07 09 Mar 2003

Its a forum just like this one, I have photos on my H/D which I would like to download to my various postings, like attachments in Emails, Thumb nails at first and then a poss. to enlarge (to enlarge "Click Here") type thing, how is this done????

  MAJ 19:21 09 Mar 2003

The forum has to allow it first, golfpro. If they do allow it, they will usually have instructions on how to do it as each forum will have different ways of doing it. Usually, at it's simplest, you upload your picture to your web space and stick the url of your image between "img" tags in your post.

  golfpro 20:17 09 Mar 2003

Thanks, how do I find the url for my particular picture. My photos are all in "my computer/my Pictures" and How do I compress them to fit or don't I have to do that.

  MAJ 20:23 09 Mar 2003

Unless the forum has a facility which lets you upload an image to their server (some do have), you'll have to upload the image to *your own* webspace, golfpro. To do that you'll need some webspace and an FTP client (program), like WSFTP for example. When you have uploaded the image you will have a URL you can enter into the forum.

  Pesala 20:29 09 Mar 2003

You can upload decent sized pictures for free to Village Photos and then get a URL to post into forums like this one.

Membership is free, but space is obviously limited for a free acount click here

Then you can post the link into a forum like this:

click here

And anyone can click on the URL to view your photos.

  Pesala 20:32 09 Mar 2003

See this thread for tips on sizes and format to use:
click here

You can also post URLs to your own webspace as I have done in this thread. Then you won't be so limited by file size.

  hssutton 22:22 09 Mar 2003

This is the way I did it, I opened a free account @ pbase click here. Then all you do is click on the upload button, this opens a browser box box which enables you to search your H/drive for the image you want, when you find the file you require just click on it then click upload, thats all there is to it.
it's very rare that I email photo's anymore, I just send the link, like so click here

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