photos with dreamweaver

  Boy Zone 20:53 30 Jan 2008

I'm a beginner and yes I know I've chosen a software such as Dreamweaver, but there you go.
I'm trying to create a simple web site where I have individual pages some with thumbsized photos which when clicked will then link that photo on a different page but to the enlarged photo.
When I create the page, i.e. called 'small photos', do I need to also have the larger photo within the same folder?
I've created a folder called large photos and linked the small photo page to that folder, but it doen't work. Where have I gone wrong?

  mco 23:32 30 Jan 2008

if you want to do it this way, then you need to link each individual small photo to its large equivalent - does that not work in preview mode?

  AvatarRoku 08:35 10 Jul 2008

install adobe developer toolbox. DonT spend much time.:)
click here find it on rapidshare

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