Photos disappeared from SD card - where are they?

  matt-few 20:48 05 Apr 2010

We had a family wedding on Saturday and I used my Nikon camera to take about 100 photos. I viewed them on a relative's new HD TV but built in card reader couldn't read / find any photos on the card.

However, their also Panasonic BD player did read the SD card and we could see the photos. However, I have tried my laptop and desktop (XP Pro) to copy the files from the card - both see no files on the card, but properties shows over 800MB of used space.

I've already tried Campic Restore but could not find any files.

Any other ideas greatly appreciated.

  BRYNIT 21:04 05 Apr 2010

It could be a problem with your card reader. If the pictures are still visible via your camera why not connect camera to computer via cable usually supplied and transfer the pictires.

  Technotiger 21:22 05 Apr 2010

I am intrigued - I have never known CampicRestor to fail finding pics on an SD Card!

Are you sure that you chose the Card Readers' correct 'Drive' letter, before pressing Start, and that you were looking for 'images' - did it not show the count of images found? Finally have you looked in CampicRestor's own Program Folder for the pics.

Apologies if you have already done all that, as I expect you have, but as I say, I am intrigued!

  matt-few 21:34 05 Apr 2010

I have used CampicRestor before with an external hard drive and it retrieved several thousand photos. The correct drive was selected, the location to save retrieve files changed (but have checked both places) etc

I have used my Belkin card reader and connecting my camera with USB cable to my PC, but neither works. I can't even see the photos on the camera either. The Panasonic BluRay player my relative has, has no hard drive on it - it's just a player, as I was starting to wonder if this unit has some how erased my photos. I've since tried it on my father in laws SD card (from another Nikon camera) and the same has happened to his!!! - very strange.

Thanks for the replies so far.

  Technotiger 22:29 05 Apr 2010

If you can see the pictures on your relative's HD TV, perhaps you could do the same again, but this time make a DVD/CD recording from the TV.

  hssutton 23:28 05 Apr 2010

Did you by any chance shoot in the raw format? If so you will require a program that will read Neff files.

Try Zero Assumption which is free for recovering digital images. I know this works for Canon and Olympus raw files, but not sure about Neffs files.

click here

  matt-few 23:43 06 Apr 2010

No, all photos taken a high quality .jpg, although the camera will take RAW photos.

What has really annoyed me is that I always transfer the photos from camera to my computer before viewing them on a TV. I won't be doing this again (with other photos).

  hssutton 09:53 07 Apr 2010

Like technotiger I'm also very intrigued, even if somehow the photos where deleted or the card reformatted the image files would still be recoverable, possibly corrupted, but still recoverable. Using such as zero assumption

  BRYNIT 10:24 07 Apr 2010

Just a thought, have you accidentally picked up an identical card by mistake.

  [DELETED] 11:04 07 Apr 2010

"I've since tried it on my father in laws SD card (from another Nikon camera) and the same has happened to his". I assume that this was on the same BLu-Ray Player and therefore a problem with the player. Is it a DMP-BD35 player? I see in the manual that it is possible that data is written to the SD card (I hope this wasn't the case). Does the card still work in the Blu-Ray Player and display the photos.

I would have thought that a data recovery program should be able to recover some of them.

  matt-few 19:10 07 Apr 2010

A relative has suggested buying Lifeguard Photo Recovery software from Boots for £15. Have bought today and will install later. Never heard of it before, but will give it a try as not too expensive. Boots Photo Manager also suggested to clean the SD card contacts too.

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