photos on to C.D.'s

  Dozy 20:33 30 May 2004

I have adobe photo shop album and I went through the process of putting my photos on a c.d. Photo Shop used adaptec creator 4 which I have on my p.c. but no joy. It seemed to take ages to do and I choose the button that put photos on a c.d. to view on a T.V. but I could not view them either on T.V. or my P.C. could some one help me and tell me what I did wrong. Thank you in anticipation.

  Charence 20:57 30 May 2004

To view them on TV, you may have to burn it as a VCD having each picture as a track. You should be able to do this in Microsoft Movie Maker. Although I think some new DVD players can now view picture CDs without it being a VCD.

To view on PC, you need to burn it as DATA CD. In Windows XP you can do this by 'drag and dropping' pictures files into the CDRW drive, or you could use a program such as Nero or CD Creator and choose to create a 'Data CD'.

On the CD you've made, what happens when you open the CD? Are there any files/pictures/folders there?


  john-232317 21:01 30 May 2004

Try this for free, its magic, you can put sound on the slideshow as well.

click here

  HXP 21:23 30 May 2004


I assume you a vieing on TV via a DVD player ?

I have a Pioneer DVD DV360 ( £65 ) and all I do is copy .jpg files to CDR and the dvd plays them.

I have also burnt them to DVD -R by using Pinnacle software.

Check if your DVD reads CDR and like the previous reply of not you will have to burn as VCD as long as your DVD supports that.

I have found ability to show photo is more a problem of what formats the DVD will read.


  mbp 21:24 30 May 2004

The URL links to "HP Memories Disc Creater" a freeware. It sounds ideal for CD Burning. However I would like to see some user reviews, if any.

  Dozy 22:10 30 May 2004

Hi Charence,
Thanks will give it a go as a data c.d but I have windows 98 not XP. On the c.d. I thought I had made nothing showed up!!!

Thanks dadyassa,
Will click here to see what happens many thanks

Yes I was trying to view via DVD player. I rather think I will have to study what the DVD will play it handled the mp3 great so I took it for granted that the photo cd would work. As I replied to Charence nothing showed up on my c.d. so I thought that maybe I used adobe photo shop wrongly. Anyway I am as sick as a parrot it it will have to wait till tomorrow! But grateful thanks to everyone I will fiddle about tomorrow.
Cheers Dozy

  2neat 22:18 30 May 2004

I don't think Microsoft Movie maker has the option for VCD format. It uses HighMAT click here for more info. If you have a DVD player that supports this then ok.
I use Easy CD 6 !

  woodchip 22:39 30 May 2004

Not all DVD players will support Photo CD or as the proper letter's are, what you burn as are SVCD

  woodchip 22:43 30 May 2004

I would say that the DVD will not see the CD or DVD disc with the Photos on it as I have done both and they will not work on my LG stand alone DVD but will work on a cheap TV-DVD multi

  Dozy 23:00 30 May 2004

Hi woodchip,
Thanks for your reply. I have a sinking feeling that my DVD will not show them but I am busy downloading dadyassa's link so will see how that works.

  Stuartli 08:42 31 May 2004

The £30 Pacific DVD player from Asda will play anthing thrown into its tray....

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