Photos to CD with Music and Titles

  amyjen7 12:26 18 Aug 2008

Hi just back from holiday got great advice from you on software to transfer Video footage, thank you. Can someone now please suggest suitable software to transfer photos from my PC to CD/DVD with titles and music or by chance is there software that will both edit video footage and transfer photos to DVD - CD.

Kind regards

  DJ Techz 12:54 18 Aug 2008

Windows Movie Maker is what I use. It is a lot better though on Vista

  eedcam 13:44 18 Aug 2008

WMM pics and music yes but titlesI think not .Most if not allthe bought editors will do slide shows as well as video somewith excellent pan a zoom effects /Photo story 3 may be worth a look its microsoft and free .But youmight take a look at magixmovie editor that has more effects than you need and like them all probably available on free trial.Personal choice adobe premiere elements though they all do more or less the same some easier to use than others

  jack 13:58 18 Aug 2008

click here

Does all you want- makes slide shows- titles to images- title pages -will accept video- loads music

Download the free 45 day trial- fully functioning
limited to 50 images and no music with the trail version
Get the full works if you are happy for £15 or so

  Ben capewell 22:02 31 Aug 2008

I have been using and testing this one, its very powerfull and you can create amazing Dvds
click here

  jack 10:32 01 Sep 2008

It is always useful to post the outcome, and what your decision were after advice received from this forum.

  martd77 11:32 01 Sep 2008

i do all my video and photos from holidays,events,christmas etc using Roxio media creator and i find it superb to use,you can add music,transitions,fades etc ive used it for 5yrs now
click here

  peter99co 11:39 01 Sep 2008

Every little helps. Good try.

  Ben capewell 17:06 04 Sep 2008

Jack Depending on how good you want the out come, i would steer clear of the windows maker thing, its good and automatic but very simple effects.
Like i have said the pro show gold is very good and you can create some amazing effects, and it works. I have only been using the trial version. I have tried some other programs (that dont seem to work properly) but i still think im going to buy PRO SHOW GOLD,
Some of the products look great on pc but when you put them to disk for Dvd etc you loose the quality of the photos.
I have not tried roxio yet, but from what i can gather its very basic, as in you cant, adjust much.
I'm get quite fussy on creating Dvds to show the family, so i like to be able to alter things around a bit more rather than letting the software choose for me.
With pro show it took about four hours to create a 4 min vid, but its nice to sit back and watch and know that i did the hard work not the program.
Just one example, some time's the auto pan starts of good then ends up at some ones feet !!!!! with pro show you can change it easly.
Let me know what you choose in the end please.

  Bagsey 17:20 04 Sep 2008

The one that I have been using for sometime now is
click here
I find it good and easy to use. It is not free but is cheap.
There is a very good support forum as a bonus.
There is also a free trial, full program but reduced photo capability,50 slides I think.

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