ponytail 13:41 11 Jun 2010

I published a thread this morning titled (Photos))
I then realised that the link would be disclosing a lot of my personal details so I had the thread taken off.There have since been four replies to it from the following people.
My problem was when I clicked on the photos I was only seeing the bottom half.This problem has only just started as it was ok yesterday.I have tried a system restore but that did not work.If the four users I have mentioned can let me have the advice they originally sent I would be most grateful

  Technotiger 13:45 11 Jun 2010

Was the thread also removed from your own 'My Postings' ... if not, you can see the earlier replies there.

  ponytail 15:25 11 Jun 2010

Hi Technotiger It is not listed under my postings.

  eedcam 16:00 11 Jun 2010

Hi ponytail I did not see any advice the first reply One of the other three mistook your link for possibly a spam link to the site .He/she reported it to the FE I'm guessing that was his reason .Mines was purely commenting on PA itself being one of the few forums that has you clicking on blind links sorry cant help with your problem

  eedcam 16:02 11 Jun 2010

Ha! in which I hasten to add I was wrong as usual

  Technotiger 16:33 11 Jun 2010

If you can only see part of a Photo, it usually means that that particular photo has become corrupted, if that is the case then there is nothing you can do that would correct it.

Or, is it happening with ALL photos rather than just one? Though again, not much you can do, except perhaps re-install the photo's.

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