photographic slides to digital images

  Uncle Terry 11:32 11 Aug 2003

Anybody converted 35mm photographic slides to digital images for storage and restoration, can it be done, what equipment required?

  shifty 12:27 11 Aug 2003

I have just converted around 100 slides and 35mm films into digital, most of the slides dating back to the 1960's. I purchased the Primefilm 1800 scanner from click here priced at £129.90. Very easy to set-up and a doddle to use. Well impressed with the results and the superb quality of the images. Only another 600 slides to do.

  pj123 12:31 11 Aug 2003

Yes, I have the same scanner as shifty, very good and easy to use, albeit one at a time.

  stlucia 12:58 11 Aug 2003

I use an Epson 1240 scanner with slide/film adaptor. Quite pleased with the results, and can do 4 slides at a time.

However, others on this forum will advise you that if you're going into it in a big way you should seriously consider paying more to get a dedicated slide scanner -- Minolta seems to get the most mentions.

  Stuartli 13:03 11 Aug 2003

Are you meaning colour transparencies (perhaps in plastic holders) or 35mm film strips?

If transparencies then shifty's model would do, otherwise the Epson or similar for strips.

But, as Stlucia confirms, for the very best quality an even higher resolution model would retain maximum detail; however, if only viewed on a computer screen then it's nowhere near as important.

  Filch 17:38 11 Aug 2003

Check out the Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual III; more money but the quality of the scans will be better. Handles sildes and film strips. Also, you will need a good image programme such as Photoshop Elements, or such, for restoration, &c (although the DiMAGE programme can do a lot of it, but not really enough).

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