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  curlylad 18:02 19 Sep 2004

I am getting a digital camera soon and want some advice on what photo suite software to buy.I don't care how much it costs I just want the best one available so can I have your suggestions please.

  curlylad 18:15 19 Sep 2004


  GroupFC 18:26 19 Sep 2004

I'm not really well up on photographic software - but are you are sure you mean "I don't care how much it costs" as I do know this software can run into many hundreds of pounds!

Anyway at least this will push you up the list. Good Luck!

PS - I would rather spend the money on a top range camera (and thus have more chance of getting a decent photograph first time), rather that trying to improve photographs through software solutions!

  iambeavis 18:28 19 Sep 2004

If you want the best and money is no object then Adobe Photoshop is the one to get. If you just want a very good one The Gimp is free on this month's covermount - it's one of the best.

  hssutton 19:01 19 Sep 2004

Ok the best is Adobe Photoshop CS £490, Paintshop Pro second best £68, however Irfanview is freeware click here

  chugby 19:37 19 Sep 2004

you will probably get some basic photo software with the camera you can use to play around with,
but see these for even more info click here

click here

  MIke 19:55 19 Sep 2004

Adobe Photoshop Elements has most of the useful features of Photoshop and often comes bundled with cameras or film scanners.
Even at retail price it's a lot cheaper than the full blown program.
You'll probably find you'll only use some of the facilities it offers unless you are professional or got plenty of time to spare!!

  It's Me 20:08 19 Sep 2004

Adobe software (both expensive and cheaper)is very good I understand, though I have never managed to fathom its intricacies.

JASC's PaintShop is more my level and even then has far more on it than I will ever use. I find Roxio's PhotoSuite v. easy to use although it is fairly limited in scope it can do most things; even though I guess it is frowned upon by many of the purists. Add to those the umpteen Freebies that abound and there is plenty to choose from.

You really have to try the software out to see if it suits the way you think!

  mbp 20:18 19 Sep 2004

Curlylad, the best answer is given by GroupFC. Put your money into your camera, and not your software. As money is not a major factor in your case, go to click here and look at Nikon D70. Buy the Best lens selection, and you will not have to look back. Believe me!

The better your photographic quality achieved, the less you need a photo enhancing program.

  hssutton 21:05 19 Sep 2004

curlylad did say the best, regardless of cost. this is without doubt Photoshop.

Far better than Nikons D70 is the Canon 20D with it's 8Mp Cmos sensor.

  ricpat 21:10 19 Sep 2004

I use photoshop c/s expensive but the best there is

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