Photo transfer problem

  rawprawn 09:45 24 Mar 2004

I have a Kodak Easyshare DX6440 and dock. I have only had it about 3 weeks so I am a novice. I took some picture to try it out and transferred them no problem to My Docs/My Pictures. I have just had a weekend break in London & took about 40 photos, when I try to transfer I get the message "Transfer Interrupted insufficient disc space" I have about 30gbytes free on my C drive can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:12 24 Mar 2004

How are you transferring them? Easiest option may be to open windows explorer and from there open your camera which sould be recognised as a hard disk. Then copy them to the hard drive using drag and drop.

Do you have a card reader or is the camera connected directly to the PC?

  rawprawn 10:41 24 Mar 2004

Hi, When I look at My computer in WE it is not showing Camera under scanners & Cameras, so I think I must have a connection problem. I bought a new powered USB Hub when I went onto BB and I have had some trouble with it not recognising hardware, but I thought it was because the Scanner & Printer needed to be connected directly to the computer. I will change the USB around & see if I can get it to recognise the camera. If there is a fault I think it must be intermittent. I will come back.

  rawprawn 10:59 24 Mar 2004

I can't seem to get the computer to recognise the camera even plugged directly into the comp USB although when I look in My photos the date is shown today so it knows that I am trying to transfer photos.I am not showing any problems in the device manager for the USB hub, but the camera is not showing in imaging devices.

  Diodorus Siculus 11:29 24 Mar 2004

Do you need to install any software for the camera in order that it be recognised by WinME? Does the camera need to be turned on to be recognised by the PC?

What sort of card is in it? Getting a card reader for it might work.

  pj123 11:38 24 Mar 2004

I bought a USB 7 in 1 Card Reader from Ebuyer some time ago for £7 plus postage. Saves an awful lot of time and trouble. Leave it plugged in all the time, take the card out your camera and put it in the card reader. It comes up as 4 extra hard drives and depending on your card (SM, SD, CF etc..) just drag and drop. Check this page click here

  pj123 11:40 24 Mar 2004

Sorry that link gave a different page but if you type card readers into the search box you will get the right page.

  golfpro 12:36 24 Mar 2004

Firstly rawprawn, did you get a soft wear disc with the camera and an instruction book. If so I would suggest a good read before you go any further. If you have already uploaded photos to your computer as you say then there is obviously nothing wrong in this department. Try down loading the photos from your hard disc onto a CD disc and freeing up space on C. But the best Idea is a Card reader, this saves an awful lot of headaches.

  anchor 12:46 24 Mar 2004

I cannot imagine that you don`t really have enough hard disc space; 30Gb should be more than ample.

I have had digital cameras for some years, and found that directly downloading from the camera can be "iffy". I solved this by using a good USB card reader. Cheaper ones are available, but I recommend Belkin.

  rawprawn 12:47 24 Mar 2004

OK first, yes I have installed the software for the camera, & I am on XP. I have turned the camera on.I am not sure what sort of card is in it.Yes I can download the photos that I had already transferred to a CD no problem.

  anchor 12:58 24 Mar 2004

You camera will take both a MM or SD card; it should say which it is on the card itself.

This page from Kodak may help:

click here

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