Photo suite

  squidgee 15:20 04 Nov 2003

I have a querey about this product int that i amtrying to create a slide show and use 2 pieces of music to play in the background but all i can manage at the moment is to get one on there. Has anyone found a way around this at all?
Cheers guys

  Citizen -A 15:43 04 Nov 2003

give this a here

  david4637 16:45 05 Nov 2003

What facilities does this HP s/w have, is it any good. The web site does not have many details about what can be done? Thanks David

  david4637 16:46 05 Nov 2003

PS - is it freeware? David

  britto 17:45 05 Nov 2003

if you just want to play one bit of music after the other,use windows sound recorder to join them together then insert as one,it can also mix the files if needed.

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