photo software

  whizza 22:38 04 Aug 2003

i have tried photshop and paintshop pro and both r way to difficult for me to use

i need a program to resize photos ,get rid of redeye, trim and cut bits of photos ,and print photos can some 1 recommend a gud program ??? plz make sure its easy to use as im a beginner with phot programs

  jakedawe 22:42 04 Aug 2003

Try Irfanview, get it from Google.

  hssutton 22:49 04 Aug 2003

I think you will find this much easier to use than Irfanview. It's also freeware and will do all you want. click here

  bambam005 22:54 04 Aug 2003

There is no easy solution . Programs like Photoshop and Paintshop are really the best way to manipulate any image . All the programs that will produce decent results are of a similar level of complexity . I'd recommend starting with beginners tutorials and gradually working your way up to the more technical aspects .

They are technically complex programs , but they are the only way to produce professional results , keep in mind that programs such as this are absolutely loaded with complex , pro-level features that most users will never need to use for standard operations so they are not nearly as scary as they first appear .

Try this site click here
for some tutorials , start basic , work your way up and keep in mind that although layers etc. look complex , all you are doing in effect is painting on layers of transparent plastic , Top layer shows up on top etc.

Hope this helps 23:23 04 Aug 2003

the one that comes with Windows? You will find it under Accessories/Imaging. Its pretty basic, but it may be of use for your needs.

Good luck, Whiz...

  Newuser1241 00:07 05 Aug 2003

This has always been reasonably simple, version one especially, has been given away by various mags in the past keep looking, they are upto version3 now so V2 as freebie should be getting given away all over the place.

From what you are saying you want to do, e.g. crop, red eye reduction, enlarge/rotate print options etc yes the basic types will let you do this, and without loading a massive software bundle so that you can potentially do lots of things, which you find you never do.

Take it you are wanting good quality home product rather than Professional finishes/capablilities

  y_not 05:24 05 Aug 2003

I understand that Adobe products can be daunting to the first time user, however, click here for a trial version of Adobe Photoshop Album which is "one click away from red-eye..." etc. and it really is!

Also it has some nice options for slideshows.

Not free but one of the best programmes around for basic manipulation

  -pops- 06:00 05 Aug 2003

The best program for removing red eye is click here

For processing your pix, have a look at click here

  GroupFC 09:04 05 Aug 2003

Just adding to my postings for future reference.

  colberly 09:15 05 Aug 2003

The easiest one to use I think is Photosuite from Roxio. It's the one I started with and although quite basic will do what you want.

  Tenner 09:31 05 Aug 2003

May I make a suggestion ? When you've tried all of these excellent links, decide on a program and then delete the others - I know it's foolish to generalise, but you could avoid heavy clashes/ freeze-ups that way. ( Speaking from bitter experience ! )


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