photo slideshow/attachments

  Super Frankie Lamps 01:20 20 Dec 2005

any idea if i can create a basic slideshow for about 60 pics that i can attach to an email for the recipient to view? OR, what is the best format to send said 60 pics as attachments to an email. tried jpg but wanadoo said no way, too big.

  Skyver 01:38 20 Dec 2005

No suggestions regarding an actual slideshow, but if you're running XP you can either resize them with XP click here, or use Picasa to do the same plus lots more click here

  ICF 07:02 20 Dec 2005
  jack 08:34 20 Dec 2005

click here does just that 60 pix show will come in at less than a megabyte.
It comes in as a trial that has features knobbled and you pay for a release code. about 15 quid

I am not sure now if the Webslide show is included in the trial - download it and see

  GroupFC 08:51 20 Dec 2005

If you are running XP, you could use Windows MovieMaker 2, to create a slideshow. From memory, one of the options when saving the finished "movie", is for e-mail. This should ensure a relatively small file size.


  fazer 13:03 20 Dec 2005

You could always use Power Point; load up the file as you would prepare any powerpoint presentation then send the whole file. Power point also has the advantage that it can be viewed full screen as a slide show and everybody who uses Windows has it.

  GroupFC 13:10 20 Dec 2005

"Power point ....everybody who uses Windows has it" - I don't think so, it's part of the Ms office suite!

  fazer 13:34 20 Dec 2005


I stand corrected.

I would still like SuperFrankieLamps to consider this software though because of the reasons already stated (in my work place, virtually every individual sends some powerpoint slide show as a christmas greeting ranging from cuddly polar bears to dubiously shaped snow sculptures!).

  GroupFC 13:43 20 Dec 2005

Yes, I know but it does get tiresome doesn't it!

  fazer 15:52 20 Dec 2005


True, especially when you've received your third slide show displaying a phallic looking snowball and at the same time wishing you merry christmas just after the kids have gone back to school in September !

(we're hijacking this thread)

  dizzy1111 17:09 20 Dec 2005

yes I think I have the Answer go to a programme called PROSHOW and down load it this is the best you will find

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