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  milkybarkid 20:52 02 Sep 2007

I have a lot of foto's that I want to present together with background music. Can someone suggest the simplest way to go about it as I do not intend to do it often. Will the presentation burn to a CD=R or will I need a DVD?

  skidzy 20:54 02 Sep 2007

What OS ?
What burning suite do you have ?

Xp will not burn to dvd,a third party software is needed such as Nero/Sonic/Cyberlink etc

Depending how many photos you wish to burn will determine whether a cd or dvd.

  Simsy 21:01 02 Sep 2007

with Irfanview;

click here

Check the help file for "slideshow"

Good luck,



  holme 21:28 02 Sep 2007

We suggest the following procedure, primarily using Windows Movie Maker (WMM), plus suitable CD or DVD burning software (more on that later):

Firstly, scan your photos (if not already done) and number them in the order you wish them to appear on the CD/DVD. Don't forget leading zeros, e.g. 01, 02, etc.

Because digital video doesn't use square pixels, ideally you need to change the aspect ratio of all the images so that the X scale becomes 93% of the original. This can be done by feeding all the images into a programme such as Faststone's Image Resizer which will do it for you, as a single batch operation.

(If that sounds too like much of a faff, it isn't essential. All that will happen is that all the images will finish up looking too wide on the TV screen and - as someone said - it'll look like the bride's putting on weight...)

Before importing the images into WMM, in Tools - Options, set the default Picture Duration to whatever you wish. 10 secs is considered about right but it's up to you.

If you wish each image to merge into the next with a 'transition', set the Transition Duration as desired. 2 secs is about right. But in that case you now need to increase the default Picture Duration to 12 secs - so it becomes 10 secs of display, plus 2 secs to transition to the next image = 12 secs in total.

Now import all the images, as a batch, into WMM when they will appear in the Collections pane. Then select them all and drag them onto the timeline. WMM will now automatically sort them into the right order along the storyboard line (click on 'Show Storyboard' if necessary.

Now find your choice of transition(s) and drag each one into the small boxes between each image box on the Storyboard line.

Finally, add your background musak track (which will probably need adjusting to fit the video slideshow). That's the editing done.

Now click on File - Save Movie File and, from the Finish Movie menu, select whatever output format you require (Save to CD or Save to DVD or, if your OS doesn't support that, Save to my computer). If the latter, in the Movie Setting window, click on Other Settings and select High Quality Video(PAL).

If saving to DVD, this will burn a DVD disc to full PAL standards (720x576 pixels), for display on TV.

If saving to CD, it will burn a VCD (video CD); same as the DVD but with a reduced resolution of 720x480 pixels.

If neither is supported by your OS, you'll need first to save to disc, then use a disc-burning prog such as Nero to burn the DVD or CD.

That's just an outline and you may prefer to first save the 'movie' to disc, and check it out and tweak it as necessary, before committing it to DVD or CD. HTH!

  BT 07:08 03 Sep 2007

Its a Free download from the Windows website. It does panning and zooming, titles, voice over and music - both imported and generated. It very easy to use and quite versatile.

  March Hare 08:28 03 Sep 2007

To my file.

  holme 09:22 03 Sep 2007

With ref. to the suggestion to use Windows Photo Story 3, I agree that it's all the things BT says.

But please be aware that, in our experience, and many others, burning to VCD or DVD from it is not very reliable and the results can be iffy, to say the least. The reasons have never been satisfactorily explained. Also, the support software to do this under Windows XP is no longer available from Microsoft, although it is listed as being part of Vista. Third-party software is available for XP machines but has to be compatible with Photo Story 3 - and costs money. If you wish to burn to VCD/DVD, WMM does not appear to have any of these limitations. HTH.

  milkybarkid 16:28 03 Sep 2007

.....for your kind help and assistance. I now have a number of options as outlined by the above and I am sure will find a solution. Thanks again.

  BT 07:56 04 Sep 2007

If you save the Photo story 3 slideshow as a .wmv file it will load into Windows Movie Maker. They also load into Ulead VideoStudio for greater flexibility in final format.

  Baleno_E 07:01 06 Sep 2007

Maybe you can try DVD Photo Slideshow, it can make your photos or video clips to amazing slideshows, you can burn it into VCD, SVCD or DVD with its built-in engine, so that you can watch on TV. And you can add background music, edit photos, or you can create slideshow that you can watch on your ipod, zune, or psp. It's easy-to-use and powerful.

  fifiward 04:44 27 Sep 2007

it sounds great and i will have a try.

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