Photo sizes in e-mails

  Anakrino 11:26 21 Jan 2003
  Anakrino 11:26 21 Jan 2003

I use Outlook Express to send photo attachments size 6” * 4” * 72 pixels to a friend, also with O.E. When the attachments are opened at his end they display much larger so that only part of the picture is seen unless scrolled. If printed directly from the attachment they overflow an A4 page. If I send my photos to myself as a test they come through OK as sized.
Anyone any ideas what needs reset at my friends end? (He doesn’t have any photo editing software.

  Newuser3068 11:50 21 Jan 2003

This is a complicated business, because so many factors can be variable. How do you know that your images are 6"x4" at 72 dpi? What software are you using to size them? What software is friend using to view them? What format are you sending them in - are they JPEG's?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:23 21 Jan 2003

Does not directly answer your question but have you tried photo-resizer? It is free (385kb download) from click here and auto-resizes photos to 50ish kb with little loss of quality. It is simple to use and you can save the re-sized image to file or send straight away as an email.

It sounds as if the images are opening in Explorer which would account for the large sizes. Your friend could download the free viewer, Irafanview. This is an excellent utility that will open any pocture file. It sounds as if the images are opening in Explorer which would account for the large sizes. Irfanview is less than 1MB download and can be used to edit photos as well. After setup your friend will be asked if Irfanview should become the default picture viewer...yes to this and all pics will auto-open in IV. click here


  anchor 12:25 21 Jan 2003

Your friend could download Irfanview, which is a free graphics programme.

click here

Using this, using View, Display options he could see the picture normally on his screen.

He could also resize the image to whatever size he likes, and print at any resolution.

  anchor 12:26 21 Jan 2003

Gandalf beat me to it!.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:26 21 Jan 2003

If you or your friend have any question about IrfanView or Photo-resizer post them here as a lot of members use it.


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