Photo size problem

  muddypaws 10:28 13 Apr 2006

For 12 mths I have been running a Picasa blog with no probs. Yesterday I set up a stats counter on it with by pasting the edit code into 'templates'. Since then any photos added to the blog when clicked on downsize to a thumbnail instead of enlarging. All previous photos behave normally. I have removed the edit, but problem persists. Suggestions/help please. Thank. muddypaws.

  PurplePenny 20:39 13 Apr 2006

Can you post a link, we might spot something in the code.

  muddypaws 22:13 13 Apr 2006

PurplePenny. I realise what you say, but it is a family blog that I don't normally give out. Family photos etc. Apologies. muddypaws.

  muddypaws 10:44 14 Apr 2006

JWJ. I have created a new blog as a test with one photo on it. It has the same problem. The link;
click here

  muddypaws 10:59 14 Apr 2006

And this is a link to the template/edit code.
If that is what is needed. If the bravenet code I inserted is needed I will try and locate it.
click here

  muddypaws 11:08 14 Apr 2006

Link to the bravenet code I pasted into templates/edit. Trouble is I haven't got a copy of the original template code before the edit. <!-- Start Service Code -->
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="click here">

  muddypaws 11:09 14 Apr 2006

Not quite sure why the 'click here' is in the middle of the code!

  mco 16:22 14 Apr 2006

PCA automatically translates a URL into 'click here' ,sometimes even when you don't want it to!

  muddypaws 20:15 14 Apr 2006

JWJ. You have all but lost me there! Never dabbled with things like that! Trying to recall where I got the code from for the moment!. If I manage to change it will that possibly cure the problem throughout? Incidentally after my last post I logged into my old blog and the picture that was minimising-- enlarged as normal! Thinking it had cured itself I added another image-- then they both minimised! Removed the second and the first was OK! Think I will leave any editing till to-morrow. Again many thanks for your time and will return to-morrow. If I don't crash the PC!

  muddypaws 20:19 14 Apr 2006

Oh yes------ from 'templates'!

  muddypaws 16:25 15 Apr 2006

The problem has been solved by another means!! My son suggested I tried entering the posting site via the icon in the top left hand corner of the main blog site. Following this through--clicking on a photo now enlarges it to full page!
Posting via 'blog this' at the bottom of the Picasa 2 album screen clicks the photo to the usual size.
I never thought that these alternative methods went via a different path to clicking on 'Hello'.
So I do apologise for wasting your time. I have deleted the blog address that I posted as someone in Norway emailed me to say they had found my main site via a link in 'my profiles'.!
So a lesson learned there---- to edit your profiles in a second blog. You may have found that link yourself-- no probs. Hope not too many others did.!
Thanks again for the help. Now going to read this month's mag.

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