Photo-Shop 7 - Colouring error

  Furkin 11:48 14 Sep 2013

Asus M5A78L-M LX : Phenom IIx2 : 4gb ram : PSU: OCZ 500w : P.Shop 7 : nVidia GT440 : LG IPS 24 monitor : HDD: Samsung 1tb + W.D 1tb : IE.10 : Win 7 ult (32)

Hi all,

Another niggly thing I’m afraid – that I should know ?!

I’m using Photoshop 7, and trying to pick up a colour in the eyedropper, and brush stuff out etc.

For the past week or so, I’ve been doing something wrong. When I select a colour with the eyedropper, it confirms it by colouring the top square (foreground colour) but:

i) The brush doesn’t have the colour

ii)The brush sometimes has the colour, but won’t drop it in the required place,,,, but it will drop on others.

I realise that I’ve clicked something,,,,, but don’t know what.

Anyone help please ?

  hssutton 12:51 14 Sep 2013

Wow! That program is a little out of date:)

Not sure I can remember what's what, as I'm now on CS6. My first suggestion, when you have the brush selected make sure the 'Mode' is set to normal and that the opacity and 'Flow' is set to an high value.

  Furkin 13:10 14 Sep 2013

HSSUTTON: Many thanks mate: the 'Mode' did the trick.

Opacity was (& is) 100%. Don't see 'flo'- must be her day off !

Version: Can't afford owt later at present. Xmas on its way ! . .

I have been having another problem for a while:

When I use the Lasso Tool, as I trace the outside of an item, it sometimes just 'clicks' & the point that I'm at, jumps back to the beginning.

This usually leaves a triangle, depending how far I got, to colour. This could be across the attempted item, or just the boarder etc - depending on where I am.

This is very frustrating when you spend the time to carefully trace things out, then 'click' it jut just shoots back to the beginning.

Any ideas please ?

  hssutton 21:33 14 Sep 2013

Pleased that sorted your problem.

When you say Lasso Tool I assume you mean the Polygonal Lasso Tool. This problem is almost certainly an unintentional double click of the mouse. My new Logitech Performance mouse is so sensitive I'm also getting the same problem at times.

  Furkin 00:59 20 Sep 2013

Sorry for the delay in getting back.

For some reason - and only with PCA - I don't often get the 'Notifications'. It makes no difference whether I tick the box or not.

As you said, my PShop is getting on a bit,,,, as is my wired mouse. Its a PC Line 'laser', that I've also had for quite a while. Its a great mouse for the money.

This lasso problem has only been happening for a couple of months. I have a Laser Logitech for my laptop, & a new Laser Gigabyte for my Media thingy,,,,, when I get it up'n running. I'll be trying these over the next couple of days.

Although I am right handed - in real life - I can only use my left hand for a mouse ! I therefore stick to 3 button items, purposely so I don't 'catch any side buttons.

Again - many thanks

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