pcdimwit 21:53 22 Mar 2010

I want to make photo's smaller both Kb size and the pixel format, I have used a German programme to downsize pics to put them on a German site but I am sure there MUST be an equally competent programme that is already preloaded in my computer?? could anyone tell me where it is? (will it be in microsoft photo editor??) and how do I set it up to both make photoes less than 500 kbs in size and make the pixel size down to 600 x 700 max. There is something else I'd like to ask about how one puts a X cross mark or an -> mark on a photo to accentuate something, I have no idea how to do this, I have only found a very fine "pencil" that you can draw around something but it is so fine and indistinguishable that it isnt suitable for say: drawing attention to a certain house in a row, where an ARROW -> or STAR type asterix would immediately let the recipient see the point that the sender is trying to illustrate, have I explained that OK??? thanks PCDIMWIT ps I am using an Acer with Windows XP media home edition here., though I do have a laptop with Vista home edition on another PC

  johnnyrocker 22:30 22 Mar 2010

depending on system it might be paint under accessories but best freebie for what you want click here


  Chris Webster 23:18 22 Mar 2010


If you want a simple image resizer for XP there's a free one on the 'Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP' website.

I've used it for years, you can use the set sizes to resize to or specify your own. It adds the option to resize an image into 'File' on the menu bar, and also to menu that appears if you right click on an image.

Image Resizer
This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click.

Here's the link to the powertoys website,

click here

Regards, Chris.

  Hudson 23:24 22 Mar 2010

Chris's suggestion is good, but you may find you want to do more, in which case try johnnyrocker's suggestion (good for rotating, adjusting colour and more). Paint (comes with Windows) will let you make marks on images; however in most respects it's pretty useless. A fully-featured freeware image manipulation programme is The Gimp from click here - however I suspect what you need is something a bit simpler and I don't know of a free one.

  Chris Webster 23:25 22 Mar 2010

Forgot to say that I use 'Image Resizer Powertoy Clone 2.1' on my Windows 7 laptop, it also works on all of the following,

Windows XP / Vista / XP X64 / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64

It works in exactly the same way as the one on the powertoys site.

Here is the link, click here

Regards, Chris.

  pcdimwit 00:03 23 Mar 2010

have downloaded that programme "image resizer clone-2.1" which is EXCELLENT,does the rezizing exactly as I want BUT it puts a non registered watermark on my finished picture, is this normal??
also cant find anything in there to make an arrow or pointer to add to a photo to act as a "marker" for someone viewing a photo I might send to them. thanks PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 00:17 23 Mar 2010

I've also downloaded the Windows Power Toy resizer which looks pretty good too, does exactly what it says, resizes the pixel size for website pics and its uploded (without that terrible watermark!!) to a webstie, this is pretty good!!! like it!!! now I just need to find somehow to "mark" a photo with a clear arrow or "star" shape to draw attention to a certain feature on a foto, thanks PCDIMWIT

  oldbeefer3 08:43 23 Mar 2010

If nothing else crops up and you have Office, you can paste the picture into Word then add whatever arrows etc you want from Auroshapes.

  pcdimwit 09:12 23 Mar 2010

I got Office on a 60 day trial on this laptop but its run out now and I have loaded Word 2007, however I can still open a Microsoft new office document, I am a bit of a dunce trying to find the places where you can alter photo images, do you think there will be something in my Samsung L80 camera suite that I have put on this computer?? I only want to be able to put an arrow or large asterisk on a photo to draw attention to a specific point, there must be a simple solution somewhere??? thanks PCDIMWIT

  MAJ 11:29 23 Mar 2010

What you need to do the arrows is a package that can work with layers. Many graphics manipulation programs do, including GiMP, but Paint doesn't. An 'easier to get used to' package that will also do it is Paint.net click here

  pcdimwit 12:35 23 Mar 2010

I have downloaded that Paint.net programme, do you know what to go into exactly just to make an arrow mark on a photo? looks v. complex, thanks PCDWIMT, just give me an idea what to go into and what to do in general thanks, none of these sites EVER have any SIMPLE explanations when you put in the "help" box something like "draw arrow" which must be what the vast majority of people are looking for......, unbelievable!!! bloody computers!!!

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