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  clayton 21:42 29 Sep 2003

Im in the market for a new printer, the choices are Canon i450 £75ish or the canon i850 for about £150, am i really going to notice the difference between these two printers, the i850 has 4 separate ink tanks is there any advantage to this ? have any of you get these printers, thanks for any help.

  wags 21:54 29 Sep 2003

The Canon i850 is a fantastic printer. I bought one a few weeks ago and it is fast, quiet and produces great photos (A4 on glossy paper at top resolution in less than 3 misns. It has 4 separate ink cartridges which are cheap to replace. This means that if one colour runs out, you just replace that colour. In a printer with a single colour cartridge, if a colour runs out, you have to replace the whole, which is wasteful.

  daba 21:55 29 Sep 2003

Have you looked at the Epson Photo Stylus 830u.

Can be got for around £70.

I've just bought one and am very pleased with the results.

It uses a Large Black cartridge, and a "5-colour" colour cartridge.

Epson cartridges are pricey, but I use compatables :- Black £5.85, Colour £16.99 for 3, all from click here and no postage to pay either.

  daba 21:58 29 Sep 2003

but i've noticed they all get used up at about the same rate, I wonder if it's anything to do with the balance of colours used in the 5 tanks ??

perhaps under certain conditions (eg. studio work with solid colour backgrounds), then this balance may be disturbed, but for general work it seems to be OK.

  wags 22:16 29 Sep 2003

daba, I beg to differ on that point. My yellow ran out first after about 40 A4 prints and now the magenta is getting low. Cyan is still going strong however. Naturally, it depends upon what sort of pics you are printing and recently I have been producing photos with many shades of orange!!

  vibrant 22:17 29 Sep 2003

I'm waiting on the new canon which is to be released on the 1st oct.It's called the i865 .
see here for a report click here.
hope this comes out right.

  vibrant 22:25 29 Sep 2003

It's £140 here

  Dan 23:04 29 Sep 2003

Whether you'll notice a difference may depend on what exactly you're going to use the printer for.

I know your title thread says photo quality, but I just bought the i850 as a replacement for an Epson 680 which was just getting too costly to run.

My choice lay between the Canon i850 and the i950 which is another £100+ and is a 5 cartridge printer. I ended up going for the 850 cause I use mine for both photos and text and the i950 was repeatedly reviewed as poorer on text.

Whilst I can't compare the 850 to either the aforementioned i450 or the Stylus830u, I can say that the 850 produces a clean, fast and very quiet print in comparison to the Epson680. The colour leans a little more towards Yellow than the Epson which was slightly Magenta biased, but in both cases it's just a matter of learning your way around the software.

The i850 is a very nice machine and I'm (so far) very pleased with mine.

  clayton 23:22 29 Sep 2003

Thanks for your replys guys, ive been reading some reviews & by the sounds of it the i450 is the same as the 850 but without the 4 separate ink tanks, both are 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution.

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