photo problems with temporary internet files

  maxeymoo 13:07 04 Mar 2006

I have recently found that when I view a photo using either nero7 photosnap or infraview, there are other photos behind the main photo which seem to be held in my temporary internet files folder. it is as if there is a programme 'pointing' whichever viewer i am using to that particular folder to try to 'catch me out' regarding what is viewed on the internet. is this a virus or a problem anyone else is suffering from?

  DieSse 14:43 04 Mar 2006

*other photos behind the main photo*

I don't follow what you mean by *behind* in this context - can you explain further please.

  maxeymoo 12:16 05 Mar 2006

basically, when I have received a photo by email and I open up the attatchment, for example, in nero 7 photo snap viewer, the 'previous' and 'next' buttons are highlited on the tools bar to indicate there are other pictures. when you press either of these buttons, the images shown are from webpages that I have been looking at. for example, I was looking at ebay - a number of the gif or jpegs for items that I have searched for are there, blown up in size in some cases... I dont know whether there is a setting within my web browser that is storing all this info and then 'sending' it to whichever picture viewer i am using or whether there is a bug that is causing the problem.

  maxeymoo 12:23 05 Mar 2006

I think I may have solved the problem. when I open up an attatchment, because I am using outlook express, it must use the temporary internet files folder to store the image for viewing so everything else in the folder is 'stacked' up behind it to be viewed. I found on the image information a check button for 'view all images in folder' so I have unchecked this and that seems to have solved the problem. apologies for being a bit of a time waster..

  DieSse 16:40 05 Mar 2006

No apologies necessary, and you have solved the problem in a very sensible manner.

As you surmise - the Nero viewer was seeing other pictures in the *Temp int. files* folder - and this is also where email attachments are moved to for viewing them.

You're now officially an *expert* on this. ;-))

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